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Welcome to EarlyBird, the City of Charlotte Business Opportunities Pipeline! This site is a comprehensive listing of Active and In Development contracting opportunities across all City of Charlotte departments. Projects can be searched using keywords, by commodity code, or using a variety of filters to narrow down opportunities your business may be interested in participating in. Click on the orange Requirements button on the Opportunity to see additional details about the project and specific requirements that may be helpful in preparing to participate in an upcoming solicitation. You can also “follow” a project using various social media channels to get notifications when the requirements are updated, or once the project moves from “In Development” to “Active” status.

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  • $10,000,000+

In Development

Aviation / Construction

Airport Overlook Construction

  • Posting Number: 2021-Q4(Oct-Dec)-AVI-3122
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2022-12-01
  • Last Updated: 12/07/21
Add to Calendar 2022-12-01 2022-12-01 Airport Overlook Construction

One of seven bid packages within the North End Around Taxiway Program. The construction of the relocated overlook site will include a parking lot layout, as well as sidewalks, access roadway, landscaping, and restroom facilities.

In Development

Charlotte Department of Transportation / Commodities & Goods

Liquid Asphalt

  • Posting Number: 2022-Q1(Jan-Mar)-CDT-2723
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2022-01-03
  • Last Updated: 12/07/21
Add to Calendar 2022-01-03 2022-01-03 Liquid Asphalt

The Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) uses liquid asphalt in the repair and construction of asphalt streets, including pavements, potholes, utility patches, and street paving.  CDOT requires a local pickup facility within Mecklenburg County due to material storage requirements. Local pickup provides the flexibility to secure small and large quantities of material as needed.

In Development

Charlotte Water / General Services

Fire Extinguisher Products and Services

  • Posting Number: 2022-Q1(Jan-Mar)-CW-7323
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2022-02-08
  • Last Updated: 12/07/21
Add to Calendar 2022-02-08 2022-02-08 Fire Extinguisher Products and Services

Charlotte Water will be issuing an RFP to solicit proposals to help meet Charlotte Water’s needs with regards to fire equipment, maintenance, training, and inspection services.

In Development

Charlotte Area Transit System / General Services

STS ADA Certification Assessment

  • Posting Number: 2021-Q4(Oct-Dec)-CATS-3648
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2021-12-11
  • Last Updated: 12/06/21
Add to Calendar 2021-12-11 2021-12-11 STS ADA Certification Assessment

The RFP has been updated and is being re-advertised. New RFP# 269-2022-017.

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is seeking a Company to perform assessments of paratransit eligible applicants to use the CATS’ Services. The resources shall include but are not limited to management, personnel, supplies, and any other equipment needed to satisfy the requirements to conduct in-person ADA Services.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), CATS offers paratransit services to individuals who, because of a disability (physical, cognitive or visual), cannot access fixed routes buses. The ADA defines eligibility for complementary paratransit service in 49 CFR Section 37.123 of the federal regulations. CATS operates the paratransit system which is a pre-scheduled, shared-ride, origin to destination service.

The term “customer” shall refer to new CATS applicants and/or existing CATS clients. The term “CATS Transit System” shall refer to both CATS’ accessible fixed-route bus and CATS’ accessible light rail.

The Company shall be responsible for paratransit eligibility as it relates to an individual’s functional/cognitive ability to use CATS in accordance with the ADA. Disability alone does not determine paratransit eligibility; the decision is based on the customer’s functional ability to use the fixed-route bus and is not a medical decision.

In Development

City Wide / General Services

Citywide Division Wrecker Towing Services

  • Posting Number: 2022-Q1(Jan-Mar)-CTW-1214
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2022-01-29
  • Last Updated: 12/06/21
Add to Calendar 2022-01-29 2022-01-29 Citywide Division Wrecker Towing Services

The City is seeking vendors to provide Division Wrecker towing for the thirteen Police divisions throughout the City for the use by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD), Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT – ParkIt), and Housing and Neighborhood Services (HNS – Code Enforcement). At the City’s discretion, a vendor may be awarded a contract for one or more divisions. Vendors will be responsible for performing towing, storing, releasing, or dispensing of any disabled motor vehicles. Services to be included are towing of disabled cars, code violations, and illegally parked vehicles. The rates for these services will be established by the City.

In Development

Charlotte Department of Transportation / Commodities & Goods

Traffic Signal Copper Wire

  • Posting Number: 2021-Q4(Oct-Dec)-CDT-7266
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2021-12-11
  • Last Updated: 12/06/21
Add to Calendar 2021-12-11 2021-12-11 Traffic Signal Copper Wire

The Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) requires the use of traffic signal copper wire for electrical and communication cabling during the installation of loops and signals.  The material is necessary for routine installation and maintenance related projects.

This solicitation is a Request for Information on the standard and best way to procure traffic signal copper wire over three years with the option to renew for two additional  one-year terms. 

In Development

City Wide / Commodities & Goods

Medical and Protective Gloves

  • Posting Number: 2021-Q4(Oct-Dec)-CTW-3340
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2021-12-18
  • Last Updated: 12/02/21
Add to Calendar 2021-12-18 2021-12-18 Medical and Protective Gloves

Protective gloves are necessary to provide appropriate safeguards for City employees. Departments require a wide variety of materials designed for many types of workplace hazards. Employee safety and productivity are enhanced by additional application requirements for performance, fit and comfort.   Medical gloves are a critical supply item for the Charlotte Fire Department and are carried on all fire trucks to be used when treating individuals with medical emergencies.   It is critical from a risk management standpoint that firefighters wear an approved glove that provides a high degree of protection.

The scope of this Request for Quote (RFQ) is to establish a contract for the purchase and delivery of protective and medical gloves within seven (7) calendar days from the placement of order.

This solicitation will be distributed to the City’s Small Business Enterprise (SBE) confirmed vendor list for  Protective and Medical Gloves.

In Development

Charlotte Storm Water Services / Construction

Fawnbrook Ln (514) Storm Drainage Improvement Project

  • Posting Number: 2023-Q1(Jan-Mar)-CSWS-3475
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2023-03-04
  • Last Updated: 12/02/21
Add to Calendar 2023-03-04 2023-03-04 Fawnbrook Ln (514) Storm Drainage Improvement Project

The purpose and need for this construction project are to improve the storm drainage infrastructure (i.e. pipe systems and culverts) to reduce flooding and to enhance degraded stream reaches to reduce erosion and improve water quality.  This project is under review.  Location and project details will be provided after the review is complete.

In Development

Charlotte Water / General Services

Golf Village restoration service

  • Posting Number: 2022-Q1(Jan-Mar)-CW-7247
  • Anticipated Posting Date: 2022-01-05
  • Last Updated: 12/02/21
Add to Calendar 2022-01-05 2022-01-05 Golf Village restoration service

Charlotte Water is seeking a company to provide restoration service to Golf Village’s driving range, located in South Charlotte. Charlotte Water acquired an easement diagonally across Golf Village driving range for the Steele Creek Pumping Station Replacement project.  The project included a force main, which was installed across the property in 2017. The driving range is nearly completely flat, has an uneven grade that blocks drainage, causing large puddles to form after rain. Several attempts to remedy this situation have not been successful.

A company will need specialized equipment such as laser-guided construction equipment for grading the driving range to allow for even drainage, 3-5 years experience in restoring a golf course driving range, obtaining all permits, etc.

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