Airport Main Terminal Bagroom Conveyor Upgrades

This contract will be to provide the design, engineering, fabrication, transportation to/from the site, installation, removal, replacement, demolition, modifications, testing, and turning over in working order the baggage handling system conveyor equipment upgrades in compliance with specifications and drawings. Project is estimated to be completed within 6 months.

Resident Project Representative/Construction Inspection Services 

The Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT) is seeking to engage the services of a qualified Aviation consultant, to provide Resident Project Representative/Construction Inspection (RPR) Services for various projects. These projects may include, but are not limited to pavement projects (new, extended and/or rehabilitated pavements for runway, taxiway, and apron areas), auto parking lot improvements, roadway improvements, airfield
lighting and NAVAIDs improvements, airfield fuel system improvements, airfield signage improvements, demolition of airfield improvements, aircraft hangars, utility infrastructure development and upgrades, and other similar airport related projects. The work also will include vertical construction work such as new Terminals and Concourses, rehabilitations to Terminals and Concourses, various aviation support facilities (fire stations, cargo and catering buildings, etc) with scopes of work that include foundations, steel framing, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and security systems, baggage handling systems, IT infrastructure, and building finishes.

HVAC Replacements at Wilson Air Main Terminal

This solicitation will involve replacing split system air conditioning units and reheat coils according to drawings produced by engineer. There are five (5) split systems along with twenty-five (25) reheat coils to be replaced. This equipment was installed during the original construction of the building. In this project, we are replacing the entire system, including the controls. This project is estimated to be less than 6 months.

Airport Customs & Border Protection Facility Renovations

This is a Construction Management at Risk (CM@R) project.

The Customs & Border Protection (CBP)  Facility Renovation project  demolishes and reconstructs all interior areas of the existing  CBP Facility.  The project also expands the terminal connector between Concourse D, & Concourse E, adding approximately 15,000 square feet of leasable space.

Passenger Boarding Bridges Maintenance Services

The solicitation will involve a firm providing passenger boarding bridge maintenance services for ninety-seven (97) passenger boarding bridges on the A, B, C, D and E Concourses of the Airport.  The term of the Contract shall be for three (3) years with two optional one-year renewals.

Parking Management Services

Company will provide parking management and staffing services. Company shall continuously operate designated parking facilities and a parking hotline on a year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Designated parking facilities as of the date of execution of the Contract will include garages, lots, entrance and exit plazas, and all equipment, including entry and exit lane equipment, computerized parking control systems and an online booking system, as may be changed in the sole discretion of the City.

Graphic Designer for Annual Report

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is seeking the following graphic design services to produce our Annual Report with detailed statistical and informational data, which will be provided to our financial and public stakeholders.

Fixed Based Operator Management Services

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is seeking a Company to provide management services and manage the Fixed Based Operations (“FBO”). Company services should include management of all services usually and customarily provided by a full service FBO at large airports, excepting aircraft maintenance and avionic services. Company shall charge commercially reasonable fees to customers, using its expertise to balance the need to be competitive and to maintain profitability to the City. The Services shall be provided twenty four hours per day.