Overflow Lots 1 and 2 Crack Sealing Construction

This project will consist of approximately 75,000 LF (not to exceed) of crack sealing in Overflow Parking
Lots 1 & 2.
The contractor will properly remove/clean vegetation and debris from cracks and hot pour crackseal in running/random cracks throughout each lot.
Heavily alligator cracked areas will be excluded in lieu of asphalt patching under separate contract.
These areas will be identified on site prior to commencement of work.
Cleaning and sealing of concrete at concrete/asphalt joints (at curbs and islands) are not included.
Parking Lots will be empty and clear of vehicles during this work

Overflow Lots 1 & 2 Asphalt Patching Construction

This project will consist of Asphalt Patching in Overflow Parking Lots 1 & 2.:
1. Approximately 7,500 SF of Asphalt Patching at 2” Depth per NCDOT Standards
2. Approximately 3,200 SF of Asphalt Patching at 10.5” Depth per standard below.
Include a line item for Place and compact 6” ABC Stone, as needed, estimated at 100 Tons.
These areas will be identified/confirmed on site prior to commencement of work.
Parking Lots will be empty and clear of vehicles during this work.

Airfield Deicing Chemicals

During inclement weather events, the Airport supports aircraft and passenger operations with pavement chemicals.

Liquid and solid deicing chemicals are used throughout the facility to treat surfaces to minimize the formation of ice.

On- Call Landscaping Services

Landscaping services for the airport to include but not limited to

Edge -Line clearing, Small Scale Tree Trimming, Full Clearing of Wooded Areas, Heavy Equipment for Brush Mow Work, Road Shoulder Clearing with Tree Removal, Slope Clearing, Soil and Seeding Work,

Landscape Maintenance Zone 3

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) seeks to award a contract for Landscaping Maintenance Services of common areas including facilities, roadways, field & drainage areas and inclusive of turf, shrubs, ground cover and trees, mulching, fall over seeding, bedding areas, annual color, trash control, and chemical application. Zone 3 is primarily roadway moving with limited bedding areas.

All work must meet accepted standards as set forth in industry documents and this scope of services. The Contractor must be able to perform the majority of work each weekday (Monday – Friday) with litter control occurring each day of the week including weekends. Work may on occasion be required on Saturday or at night to accommodate traffic and safety concerns upon the

Work is divided between regular maintenance which is performed daily or weekly and yearly maintenance listed as annual for work that occurs an average of one each year. The Contractor shall furnish all material, labor, tools, supplies, equipment, transportation, superintendence, insurance, taxes, contributions and all services and facilities unless specifically excepted, required to maintain the property

Material Testing and Special Inspection Services

The successful respondents shall provide geotechnical and material testing services for projects initiated by the Airport.

They shall conduct general material testing tasks in accordance with industry accepted standards and practices as well as the requirements of the airport, the Federal Aviation Administration, North Carolina Department of Transportation and City of Charlotte standards. Examples of Federal Aviation
Administration standards include but are not limited to P-401/403 (Asphalt) and P-501 (Concrete).

Materials testing will be to independently verify site/material conditions to allow work to proceed with confidence. Material Testing services may also include construction observation, report writing and quantity

Environmental Consulting & Remedial Services

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (“CLT” or “Airport”), which is owned and operated by the City of Charlotte, North Carolina, is seeking statement of qualifications (“SOQ”) from qualified and experienced firms (individually or collectively, the “Firm”) interested in providing Environmental Consulting and Remedial Services,

Pest Control Services

The contract will provide pest control services to the Airport terminal, old terminal building, and 26 ancillary buildings on Airport property.  Aviation has consolidated its pest control with other Airport tenants to create an integrated and more comprehensive approach to pest control. Contract term will be three years with the option to renew for two additional one year terms.

Airport Main Terminal Bagroom Conveyor Upgrades

This contract will be to provide the design, engineering, fabrication, transportation to/from the site, installation, removal, replacement, demolition, modifications, testing, and turning over in working order the Baggage Handling System conveyor equipment upgrades in compliance with specifications and drawings. Project estimated to be completed within a 6 months.