Early Grading Package (4th Parallel Runway Project)

As part of the 4th Parallel Runway project, the Airport will solicit bids for grading, drainage, fencing, and erosion and sediment control. Other scopes of work include:

  • Excavation of in-site soil and rock from existing Airport property areas
  • Stockpiling, placement, and compaction of excavated material in CLT-recommended locations
  • Isolated, minor site surface drainage features along regraded areas and stockpile locations
  • May include extension of existing Coffey Creek box culvert – currently under construction as part of the South Crossfield (SCF) project (TBD)
  • May include extension of existing sanitary sewer line relocation – currently under construction as part of the SCF project (TBD)
  • Identification of and relocation of existing security perimeter fence as needed

Early Tree Clearing (4th Parallel Runway Project)

As part of the 4th Parallel Runway project, the Airport will solicit bids for tree clearing, erosion and sediment control. While the final bid package will contain exact line items, it is anticipated for the tree clearing to be roughly 160 acres. The tree clearing will consist of setting perimeter erosion control measures, cutting and hauling off of timber, but will not include any grubbing, clearing or grading.

Concourse D/E Connector Renovations (Design)

Repositioning the major passenger circulation route of the D/E connector between the Atrium to the end of the moving walkways at the approach of Concourse D. Relocating the airline lounge space from the departure level to an upper-level location while expanding it to 40,000 square feet.  Providing a new passenger destination and experience at the departures level that will provide increased financial returns to the airport.  Providing a service area at the apron level to help with operations within the DECO area.

Concourse E Gate E5/E5-A Modifications

Modifications-renovations minor changes  to existing  hold room and the exterior of building.  A new door to the exterior of the building,  steel walkway ramp from the building down to the ramp, new electrical and data and security work associated with the new door.


On-Call Civil Engineering Consultant

CLT is seeking statements of qualifications from professional engineering firms to provide task order engineering services. Services are expected to cover a range of smaller studies, conceptual designs, investigations, coordination processes and technical support of a limited nature.  This Engineering and Construction Task Order contract is focused largely but not exclusively on support to “horizontal/flat-work” design engineering and construction support services for engineering.

Janitorial Services

Scope of services include but are not limited to labor, supervision, materials, equipment, chemicals, supplies, and incidentals for complete janitorial services at the following locations on airport property: CLT Airport Main Terminal, the Old Terminal, CLT Center, Business Valet, Taxi Hold Building, various other buildings, and various parking-related facilities, such as Toll Booths and elevators. The Company may also be requested to perform additional/incidental tasks, including, but not limited to, table set-up and break-down for special events at CLT in a manner acceptable to the City. The contract term will be for three years with the option to renew for two additional one-year terms.

West Boulevard Relocation (Design)

This project is associated with the Airport’s 4th Parallel Runway Project. West Boulevard will need to be relocated to Piney Top Drive and Byrum Drive in order to create space for the 4th Parallel Runway and South End-Around Taxiway. Intersection improvements and roadway widening will occur at various locations along the corridor.

The Final Engineer of Record will start their services at 30%, by utilizing preliminary plans from the Master Civil Engineer

4th Parallel Runway (Design)

This program includes the planning, design, and construction of a 10,000-foot parallel runway and associated taxiway system to include the North End Around Taxiway Phase II and South End Around Taxiway. The 2016 Airport Capacity Enhancement Plan and 2018 FAA-approved forecast show the need for an additional runway at CLT. This runway will replace the existing crosswind runway and enhance capacity as the parallel configuration will provide greater operational benefit for more efficient air traffic flow into and out of CLT.

The Final Engineer of Record will start their services at 30%, by utilizing preliminary plans from the Master Civil Engineer. CLT may select multiple engineering firms to work on the various aforementioned project elements.