West Blvd. Relocation (Construction)

This project is associated with the Airport’s 4th Parallel Runway Project. West Boulevard will need to be relocated to Piney Top Drive and Byrum Drive in order to create space for the 4th Parallel Runway and South End-Around Taxiway. Intersection improvements and roadway widening will occur at various locations along the corridor

4th Parallel Runway (Construction)

Scope of Work Construction of new 4th Parallel Runway

This program includes the planning, design, and construction of a 10,000-foot parallel runway and associated taxiway system to include the North End Around Taxiway Phase II and South End Around Taxiway. The 2016 Airport Capacity Enhancement Plan and 2018 FAA-approved forecast show the need for an additional runway at CLT. This runway will replace the existing crosswind runway and enhance capacity as the parallel configuration will provide greater operational benefit for more efficient air traffic flow into and out of CLT.

Yorkmont Road & Taxiway Bridge – Construction

This is the second of three bid packages for the Deicing Pad, Taxiway Foxtrot (TXWY F) Extension, and South Crossfield Taxiway (South Cross Field ) program.  This project is compromised of the realignment of Yorkmont Road including a roundabout which is necessitated by and including the construction of an aircraft taxiway bridge over Yorkmont Road.

Private Access Drive (Construction)

This is one of seven bid packages within the North End Around Taxiway Program. The construction of the Private Access Drive includes constructing approximately 3,700 feet of a two-lane roadway from the existing traffic roundabout adjacent to the Fuel Farm, along the Long Term 1 Parking Lot and Duke Energy property line and connecting to Wilkinson Boulevard with a redesigned intersection at Barry drive.  This project includes utility relocations, roadway lighting, drainage, new water main and additional parking areas within Long Term 1. The purpose of this project is to construct a new access drive along the western edge of Long Term #1 parking lot to allow Long Term #1 exiting customers access to Wilkinson Blvd as well as access for terminal deliveries and Gate 80 traffic. This work will include roadway, storm drainage, traffic signal, fiber installation, parking lot, water and sewer relocation, and landscaping. The project will include work on Charlotte (CLT) owned property as well as NCDOT owned facilities. Completion of this project allows CLT Airport to take a portion of Old Dowd road out of service for North End Around Taxiway improvements.

Airport Overlook Construction (Cancelled)

One of seven bid packages within the North End Around Taxiway Program. The construction of the relocated overlook site will include a parking lot layout, as well as sidewalks, access roadway, landscaping, and restroom facilities.

North End Around Taxiway Pavement and Lighting – (Cancelled)

One of seven bid packages within the North End Around Taxiway Program. This work includes the construction of the North End Around Taxiway (NEAT) to make it fully operational.  Major work items in this package include minor grading, concrete taxiway paving, related airfield lighting, pavement markings and signage

Bus Painting Services – CANCELLED

Project cancelled as CLT buses were painted under contract and all future buses will be electric and have a vehicle wrap instead of a paint scheme.

Aviation utilizes a fleet of buses to transport customers and employees between parking areas and the airport terminal. The scope of this contract shall be to provide paint services for both new and existing Aviation’s bus fleet that require painting due to wear, tear and or collisions.