Parts Washer Scheduled Preventative Maintenance and Repair

CATS Bus Operations Department is requesting a five (5) year contract for scheduled maintenance of the parts washers. Charlotte Area Transit System is requesting proposals for PM services for our parts washers. CATS uses multiple parts washers between two facilities.  The facilities are located at: 3145 South Tryon Charlotte, NC and 900 North Davidson Charlotte, NC.

PSR 956, PSR 1103

Rail Tool Calibration

Requesting a solicitation for Rail Maintenance and Maintenance Wayside equipment calibration. Seeking competitive proposals from accredited calibration service’s to provide repair and calibration services for test and measurement equipment. It is the desire of CATS Rail Operations to partner with multiple vendors for these services.

Calibration of tools and equipment is a necessary part of the quality control process for CATS Rail Operations for proper maintenance of our railcars and rail infrastructure. Tools that have exceeded their calibration due date are taken out of rotation and noted as past the calibration due date.

CATS Rail Operations is governed by our own internal calibration policy which is largely based on APTA standards. In compliance with our calibration policy, CATS Rail Operations sends out equipment throughout the year for calibration and/or repair utilizing various vendors and annually hosts an onsite calibration.

PSR 912

Charlotte Area Transit System Non-Revenue Vehicle Services

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is seeking  a vendor(s) to support non-revenue vehicle  requirements. The contract is for one (1) year with four (4) 1-year renewals. There will be 24 different vehicles required ranging from small cars,  large trucks, vans and SUV’s.




Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Tire Leasing and Services

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is looking for a qualified vendor(s) to support Bus Tire Leasing and Services for CATS Bus Fleet.

The vendor(s) shall assume all responsibility of maintaining an adequate stock of each size and type of tire required by the two CATS BOD Maintenance facilities located in Charlotte, NC: 3145 South Tryon Street and 901 North Davidson Street.


PSR# 1220


Charlotte Area Transit System Major Bus Repair Services

The Charlotte Area Transit Systems (CATS) is seeking a qualified vendor(s) to repair major bus damage to any of the CATS bus fleet.  CATS has a fleet of over 300 buses including manufacturers Motor Coach Industries (MCI), Gillig, and New Flyer.  CATS repairs minor damage in-house.

The Vendor(s) would be responsible for supplying all parts, labor, and towing from the CATS location, travel to the vendor’s site, the performance of the body repairs, and return to the CATS location in full operating condition.  Work shall be performed by a certified bus rebuild contractor of established reputation with a minimum of five (5) years experience performing major repair on Transit Buses.

All repair work shall be completed in order to meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

PSR 1221

CATS Facilities Air Compressor Service and Bus Air Compressor PM – Repair Contract

Contract needed for Air Compressor Service and Bus Air Compressor Repair – Periodical Maintenance. Maintenance and repair services for four (4) dryers and four (4) air compressors and service for 8 buses . The scope of work shall be at a  minimum the performance of basic service to all compressors and air dryers every three months, and to also perform basic services to all compressors and air dryers on an annual basis.


PSR 805

PSR 1071

Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Operations Motor Coach Industries OEM Parts

The Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Operations Division (CATS-BOD) is requesting bids for OEM parts for Motor Coach Industries (MCI) transit commuter coaches.   These parts will be purchased for the maintenance and service of 2001 Model D4000, 2016 Model D4500, and 2018 Model D4500 MCI commuter coaches.


PSR 952