CATS Facilities Air Compressor Services Contract

Contract needed for Air Compressor and Dryer PM and repair services. The VMF currently needs a new Air Compressor to assist with Rail Car maintenance. Repair existing air systems, install new air lines and air dryer.




Bus Differential Overhaul Services

The Company shall supply quality, trained professionals to properly diagnose, test, disassemble, clean, and/or replace OE parts as needed and reassemble. The Company is required to use genuine Meritor parts and employees certified to rebuild the differential. To help reduce turn-around time, the Company shall keep one differential (per part number) on hand. The Company will be required to return the reconditioned item or items to our facilities within twenty-four (24) hours of pick up.



Emergency Egress Gate Additions

Fabricate and install new galvanized emergency egress gates and galvanized gate posts at Tom Hunter (three new gates) University City Boulevard (six new gates) McCullough (three new gates) and J W Clay (six new gates) stations for a total of 18 new gates. New gates and gate posts are to match existing gates and gate posts submittal drawings.



Police Dispatch Construction

This solicitation will be for the remodeling 275 square feet of an existing building to upfit it to be used as a police dispatch.  Project will consist of both demolition and reconstruction including a visual display wall.




Special Transportation Vehicle Replacement Purchase

STS (Special Transit Services) vehicle replacement for FY19 plan to purchase approx. 11 new ADA (American Disability Act) vehicles. STS (Special Transit Services) needs to purchase eleven LPG (Liquified Propane Gas)  powered replacement paratransit buses, that adhere to the attached specifications.




Promotional Items

Promotional Items used for various marketing campaigns, as well as internal use.


Such as:

Pens, Hand Sanitizer, T-Shirts, Lip Balm, Flowers Pots, Coffee Sleeves, Water Bottles, Phone Wallets, Post-it-Notes, and Visors & Hats





NiCd 20 Cell Battery purchase for Light Rail Vehicle

MOW (Maintenance of Way)  spare batteries for LRV’s (Light Rail Vehicle) which will be used by RCM (Rail Care Management), to constantly rotate out when repair is needed. (2) spare 20 cell batteries needed while 2 are being taken out of LRV’s (Light Rail Vehicle) and overhauled by the Vendor