Park and Slope Repairs, Old Concord Road Park-n-Ride

Repair of detention pond slopes and egress pipe; removal of erosion control devices left over from construction; repair and restoration of failing slopes along Orchid Bridge Road and an adjacent portion of the park and ride lot.


PSR#: 1164

Shelter/Vehicle Interior-Photographic Documentation

Photographic documentation of the Gold Line streetcar phase 2 artwork at 11 new stops with 22 shelters of art glass, and the new streetcar vehicle seating and ceilings, to match previous quality and representation of the originally documented 6 stops. Includes scouting, travel, editing, and delivery of high resolution digital images.


PSR 1162

Maintenance of Way – Specialty Track Work Contractor

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is looking for a contractor to surface interlockings to maintain proper track geometry. Vendor must have the machinery to tamp through switches and crossings. Surfacing equipment must have the ability to tamp, lift, level and line in order to remove existing faults in longitudinal and alignment faults in the track. This will be a slow process as the track geometry is constantly changing as the machine moves through the switch. Typically, it takes around 1 to 1.30 hours to complete a single switch, due to the cabling and condition. CATS will provide a pilot that will help with track access. CATS will provide ballast for use as needed. Vendor is responsible to ensure all machines can safely traverse the alignment, specs and diagrams for the alignment will be available from CATS if needed. Vendors will need to be RWPP certified that will be given by CATS personnel before shift begin.
The work will be performed during CATS annual shutdown which will consist over 2 days. Beginning on Friday night 0000 and ending on Sunday evening 1800. Vendor would be required to have sufficient resources to support work throughout the shutdown time period to maximize production during the shutdown window. The shutdown will occur between August 2021 and September 2021.

Equipment needed to perform work:
1. 2 Mark IV Tampers (or similar)
2. 2 Ballast Regulators
3. Hi-Rail Roto Dump
4. Front end Loader
5. At minimum, 5-man section team equipped with hand tampers and track jacks for each tamper/regulator team (10 workers per shift)

A pre-tamp inspection of the 2 work locations will be required to document track and interlocking conditions. The vendor will then work closely with CATS personnel to ensure track time allocations are appropriate for the required work and to account for various logistics that need to be addressed to ensure efficient and reliable surfacing unit operations.

All work will be performed in accordance with MOW rail maintenance and track safety standards. Surfacing made by the contractor will play an important role in achieving high performance and quality for long lasting track, which is an important interest for CATS light rail.


PSR 1149

Revenue Services for Transit Advertising Program

The purpose of this Project is to increase revenue to offset operating
expenses. To achieve this goal CATS is making several assets available to receive paid advertising.  CATS seeks to receive revenue from exterior advertisements that adhere to the MTC-07 Transit Advertising and Sponsorship Policy (see attachment A- Advertising Policy) while maximizing revenue and ensuring the safe operation of CATS’ services.


PSR 1143

Engineering Consultant Services-East West Station

Provide engineering support services for the modification of OCS equipment in the East/West Station area as part of an adjacent development agreement. Because of the developer’s expedited schedule, we need a contract for immediate assistance.

CATS Blue Line OCS retrofit at East/West Station Scope of Service


The intent of this scope is to provide CATS with owner’s representative services in facilitating oversight for the retrofitting of OCS equipment in the East/West Station platform area as a result of adjacent development project.


  1. Scope of Work:
  • Develop a framework of deliverables for required engineering documents from developer.
  • Provide developer with design standards and guidelines for proposed OCS equipment.
  • Review developer submitted engineering documents and plans (90% and conformed plans) to ensure compliance with CATS O&M procedures and design criteria as well as industry guidelines and standards:
    1. OCS Plan Sheets review
    2. Review Specifications for OCS equipment
    3. Construction schedule, staging and phasing plan review
    4. Review OCS loading conditions for any new or temporary infrastructure
    5. Provide feedback/input regarding OCS equipment maintenance
    6. Provide feedback/input regarding maintenance agreement with building owner
    7. Provide feedback/input regarding developer agreement and exhibits
  • Review OCS structural attachment to building
  • Review pedestrian loading and egress impacts due to the proposed development
  • Attend meetings
  • Support during construction


  1. Assumptions:
  • The developer will provide all necessary documents to perform a thorough review of the proposed modifications.
  • Design phase duration of 1 years.
  • CATS will have final approval for any and all OCS work.
  • 10 meetings during design phase.
  • Support during construction dependent on funding availability.


  1. Schedule:

Review period of 2 weeks from the time of receipt of any documents.

PSR 1130

Siemens S70 Light Rail Vehicles Heating System Repair and Replacement Spare Parts

The quote is for a  contract for the Heating System Repair and Original Equipment Manufacturer Replacement Spare Parts  for Siemens S70 Light Rail Vehicles. The spares that are being purchased are for maintenance repairs to maintain the cab heaters and must guarantee interchangeability with the existing hardware. All Heating System Repair and Replacement Spare Parts must be Original Equipment Manufacturer parts.



PSR 917

COVID Handsfree Plumbing Fixtures

As a part of COVID-19 prevention the City of charlotte General Services has started an initiative to replace all city bathroom fixtures with hands free devices to reduce the amount of contact required when using facilities. This project will replace all sink faucets, toilet flush mechanisms, and add bottle fillers at the bathrooms located in South Tryon Bus Facility, North Davidson Bus Facility, Charlotte Transportation Center, North Rail yard and South Boulevard Light Rail Facility.

PSR 1126

Security Booth/Guard House

CATS is requesting a Request For Proposal for the purchase of three Security Booths. This will include: Installation and Site Preparation Services for Pre-Engineered / Prefabrication Guard House; Ancillary Services related to Pre-Engineered / Prefabricated Buildings and Structures; Construction/Installation of a stationary Security Booth/Guard House with HVAC, LED lighting interior and exterior.

Security Booths/Guard Houses will be located at: Arrowood Station; Pelton Street (VMF rear gate); North Davidson, McGill Street.

PSR 1058

Parts Pressure Washer

Pressure washer system required to perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on CATS Rail vehicles at the South Boulevard Light Rail City.


PSR 1009