Lee S. Dukes Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Miscellaneous Chemical Feed Improvement Project

The project consists of installation of 6,000 LF of new 3-inch x 6-inch diameter double wall containment pipe for new chlorine dioxide chemical feed system, including all appurtenances, leak detection system, electrical, testing, and final commissioning.  Installation of two (2) new 2-inch diameter HDPE raw water sample lines (approximate length is 6,000 LF for each), including all appurtenances, and testing. Installation of a new raw water sample pump, casing, piping, appurtenances, electrical, and testing at the Raw Water Intake at Blythe Landing.  Removal and replacement of various chemical feed lines (11/2-inch and 4-inch diameter) inside existing 8-inch and 12-inch diameter casing pipes. Installation of new fiber optic cable (approximately 6,000 LF) between the Lee S. Dukes WTP and the Raw Water Intake. Installation of new potable water line from Highway 73 to existing Compressor Building, including all appurtenances, and testing.

McAlpine Biosolids Improvements

Rehabilitation of Biosolids Facilities and Processes which includes the dewatering facility, digester complexes and digesters.  Includes cleanout of eight digesters.  Major mechanical and process work and electrical upgrades will also be completed.

Construction of Phase II of the Ashe Plantation Wastewater Treatment Plant

Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant in South Mecklenburg County near Mint Hill.  The construction consists of process piping, wastewater equipment installation, and electrical power and controls.  The project shall also include provision of a temporary treatment plant during construction of the new plant.

Water and Wastewater Roofing Replacement Packages 14 and 15

Roofing Replacement of various Wastewater Treatment Plants’ structures-McDowell, Irwin,          Sugar Creek, and McAlpine.  Replacement consists of complete tear off of existing roof down to substrate.  Minor mechanical and electrical relocation/replacement or re hook ups required.

Water and Wastewater Roofing Replacement Packages 12 and 13

Roofing Replacement of various Water Treatment Plants and Water Booster Station structures. Replacement includes complete tear off of existing roof down to substrate.  Minor mechanical and electrical relocations and re-hook ups required.

Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility Southern Access Roads

The Project is for the construction of an extension of the existing access road at the Long Creek Pump Station for operational connectivity between the proposed Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) and Long Creek Pump Station (Southern Access Road). The Southern Access Road consists of approximately 650 linear feet of paved roadway with 2-12 feet travel lanes and a three span approximately 235 feet long bridge that accommodates the two travel lanes and a pedestrian/utility corridor lane over Long Creek.

Sugar/ Irwin Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection System Replacement

The project allows for the replacement of the existing ultraviolet disinfection system at two wastewater treatment plants.  The two replacement projects will be bid separately with advertising and bidding staggered.  The second  replacement will be advertised  approximately 12-18 months after the first.   The project also involves heavy process work, some excavation and concrete work and major electrical work.

Closing, Title, and Other Related Legal Services

Charlotte Water seeks to establish a pool of companies that can be called upon as needed to perform real estate legal services via flat rate fees per service offered.  Services include full title searches, limited owner searches, title updates, complete title searches (for condominiums), closing services, legal documentation reviews, and drafting of legal documents.   Interested companies shall employ at least one attorney and one paralegal.