FY21-1 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

This contract will be primarily used to repair sewer system defects that are allowing substantial rainwater and ground water (inflow and infiltration) to enter the sewer system.  The contract will also be used to repair significant structural defects that are causing re-occurring maintenance issues .

Sanitary Sewer Point Repair and Replacements

This contract is for the rehabilitation of manholes, repair of sewer system defects and service laterals, installation of new sewers and manholes to replace existing, installation of cured-in-place pipe lining, pipe bursting, other miscellaneous manhole rehabilitation work, and all preparatory work such as sewer cleaning and television inspection.

Consulting & Program Management Services for Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Charlotte Water (CLTWater) is seeking qualified Company or Companies in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to provide AMI Solution Consulting and Program Management services.

The Solution Consultant shall design an AMI Solution and provide reports, contracts, and other documentation to implement an AMI Solution. The Program Manager will ensure that all contractors/vendors adhere to contractual requirements and perform quality work. The Program Manager shall also validate that all AMI project objectives identified in the AMI-Assessment Report are achieved at the end of the project for CLTWater.

McAlpine Creek WWMF-Thermal Hydrolysis Preliminary Equipment

The City intends to develop a regional Class A biosolids facility at the McAlpine Creek Wastewater Management Facility (WWMF). Master planning identified thermal hydrolysis pretreatment (THP) followed by anaerobic digestion as the desired process for producing Class A biosolids. As part of implementation of THP at the McAlpine Creek WWMF, this RFP is being issued to solicit THP system proposals from qualified vendors.

Leak Detection Services

Charlotte Water is seeking a Company to provide as-needed leak detection services on residential, commercial, and City-owned property/infrastructure (collectively referred to as “Service Groups”).  The Company shall locate and verify the actual water line requiring repairs.  A Contract with one Company is sought, but Charlotte Water may recommend award to multiple Companies to meet the needs for both Services Groups.

Valve Assessment and Repair Services

Charlotte Water is seeking a Company to provide valve assessment, fabrication, and repair services for various valve sizes and types.  The Company shall be experienced in assessing and repairing valves in water and wastewater applications.  Size of valves to be serviced will range from 2 inches to 120 inches.  Valves may be gate, butterfly, plug, cone, globe, or any other type located within the Charlotte Water Distribution System (water lines), Collection System (sewer lines), or any Treatment Facility (water and/or wastewater).  Assessment and repair services are to occur on active mains that will remain active and in service during these processes.  Charlotte Water will provide access to valves with excavation in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards or existing vault/manhole.  Valves to be repaired have yet to be determined and may be located anywhere geographically within Mecklenburg County.  The Company shall operate and complete Services as directed by the Charlotte Water designated Engineer (CW Engineer).

City Ordinance Chapter 23 Consulting

The objective of this RFP is to obtain a contract with a qualified consultant whom will be responsible for performing the Services necessary to update the content within Chapter 23 of the City’s Ordinance, ensuring Charlotte Water can provide an accurate ordinance for staff and citizens to use as a resource for water, sewer, and industrial waste discharge restrictions.