Professional Engineering Services for Emergency and Routine Repair Services

Charlotte Water is soliciting Statement of Qualifications from qualified engineering firms to provide survey, design, contract administration, construction inspection services, and other engineering services as requested.  The engineering services requested will be for routine and emergency water distribution and collection system repair projects.

Leak Detection Services

This RFP is to contract with a company to provide water leak detection services for Charlotte Water’s residential and public mains.

Zone 4 Warehouse Storage Project

Charlotte Water is building a new warehouse that requires storage equipment such as pallet racks, shelving, flammable cabinets, and industrial parts drawers. One company is sought to perform turnkey services including load verification, type and quantities of equipment, layout and design, facilitation of building permitting, procurement, and installation. Installation is expected to be completed in Spring 2023.

Charlotte Water Tree Removal Services

The City will be requesting proposals from experienced and qualified companies to provide various tree and vegetation removal services for Charlotte Water, as a result of water and sanitary sewer construction performed by Charlotte Water, as an after-hour/holiday/weekend emergency service, and in the event of an immediate disaster emergency within the area, such as a natural disaster.

The City shall indicate and designate all trees, shrubs, plants, and other objects that are to remain or be removed. Any damage to natural terrain, vegetation, or objects designated to remain shall be immediately repaired or replaced as determined by the City, at the company’s expense.

The company will be required, at the minimum, to perform the following:

  • Rake work area and match existing grade to a smooth even surface
  • Removal of trees/shrubs and haul from job site
  • Grinding of remaining tree stumps
  • Sweep up any excess debris and haul from job site

Asphalt and Concrete Cleaning Services

Charlotte Water is seeking a company to provide non-destructive Asphalt and Concrete Cleaning Services to safely rid roads, sidewalks, driveways, and other pavements (Surfaces) of non-hazardous materials, such as dirt, grime, stains, and other alike substances, using its own equipment and labor resources, at Work Locations defined by Charlotte Water, as needed throughout the Contract term.  These services are currently performed by Charlotte Water personnel.

On-Call Construction Administration and Inspection Services

Charlotte Water (CLTWater) will be soliciting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from qualified engineering firms(s)  to provide On-Call Construction Administration & Inspection Services for miscellaneous projects. Task Orders will be issued against the contract for each project. Projects may be for water
or sewer projects and may focus on pipeline, lift stations, pump stations, water tanks, treatment plant work, vertical building construction or any combination thereof.

Elevated Storage Tanks – Woodlawn and Sunset

This Project consists of constructing two new elevated storage tanks. The first tank will be called the Woodlawn Tank with a size of 3 MG (million gallons).    The second tank will be called the Sunset Tank with a size of 2 MG (million gallons). There will be waterline work associated to extend the mainlines to the tank site. The construction site will require grading and clearing in preparation of the tank installation.