This contract consists of an undetermined number of individual projects consisting of water and/or sewer extensions, water and/or sewer replacements, low pressure sanitary sewer, water distribution system reliability improvement projects, and/or sanitary sewer capacity assurance projects, which will be assigned by the Project Engineer.

Door Automation Equipment Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Services

The Company will provide on-call installation, maintenance, and repair of door automation mechanisms across all Charlotte Water locations to aid the department’s initiative of having more touchless and automatic door operations.  Doors and related hardware (e.g. door frames and thresholds) related to automating operations may also be required as an inherit activity of providing such services.

FY21 Water Main Replacement Contract 3

This contract consists of an undetermined number of individual projects consisting of water and/or sewer replacements, water and/or sewer extensions, and water distribution system reliability improvement projects, which will be assigned by the Project Engineer.

Water and Sewer Materials

The scope of this Invitation to Bid (ITB) will be to establish a contract for the purchase, delivery, and other inherently related activities to provide Water & Sewer Products in compliance with the specifications and terms and conditions.  Products include various size pipe fittings, clamps, and related other items to maintain and repair more than 8,000 miles of pipe and 70 pump stations.  The Company will be required to meet certain requirements such as have an e-commerce website, be able to over products via delivery and pick up, adhere to minimum stock levels, provide a dedicated point of contact, and furnish various reports throughout the contract term.

Mallard Water Reclamation Upgrades, Phase 1 Improvements

The Phase 1 Water Reclamation Upgrade will increase the capacity of the facility to 14.9 million gallons per day (MGD) and includes a new deeper influent pump station to accept flow from a new, deeper trunk sewer, flow equalization, influent screens, aeration control and chemical feed.  The estimated construction cost for this upgrade is $65.2 million. The Phase 1 construction project will also include solids improvements that are estimated at $24 million.  Both aspects of the project will be delivered together as a single construction project.

Catering Services

The goal of this RFP is to create multiple contracts for catering services, to be used for numerous event types.  Event types are typically meetings, luncheons, new-hire orientations, City, state, or federally declared emergency events (pre-, during, and post-event), and trainings.  Each event requiring catering services will have a varying number of persons and thus an estimated headcount is not available, nor is a schedule of upcoming events.  Event details will be provided to the Company when services are needed.

Charlotte Water Ordinance Revision Services

This is a re-solicitation of a previous RFP with changes.

The City of Charlotte Ordinance Chapter 23 for Water, Sewers and Industrial Waste Discharge Restrictions requires an update to ensure it provides staff, citizens, and those alike with a valuable resource for water, sewer, and industrial waste discharge restrictions.  The Company’s tasks will include, but may not be limited to, researching updates, recommending revisions, working with key City staff to fine-tune and adopt the changes, ensuring the revisions are legally sound, and providing training to City staff.

FY21-1 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

This contract will be primarily used to repair sewer system defects that are allowing substantial rainwater and ground water (inflow and infiltration) to enter the sewer system.  The contract will also be used to repair significant structural defects that are causing re-occurring maintenance issues .

Sanitary Sewer Point Repair and Replacements

This contract is for the rehabilitation of manholes, repair of sewer system defects and service laterals, installation of new sewers and manholes to replace existing, installation of cured-in-place pipe lining, pipe bursting, other miscellaneous manhole rehabilitation work, and all preparatory work such as sewer cleaning and television inspection.