Automatic Lighting Controls Maintenance and Services

The proposed contract is to provide installation, maintenance, and programming services for Automatic Lighting controls in City facilities that are not part of an integrated Building Automation System. All control systems require maintenance and confirmation that they are still functioning correctly. Lighting controls may include occupancy sensors, timelocks, and photocells, relays, light control switches, or touchscreens. Lighting control systems should be inspected and cleaned to ensure proper operation. Reporting of deficiencies, troubleshooting, and programming modifications may be needed.

Citywide Roof Inspection and Maintenance

The purpose of this project is to provide specified inspection schedules, and also for on-call, as needed services for unscheduled inspection services, minor roof maintenance, and repairs. Work is to include inspections of gutters, scuppers, down spouts, coping caps, expansion joint covers, and gravel stop joints and flashings. In addition, building perimeter inspections will be needed to note defects, such as damaged or deteriorated wood fascia, peeling paint, broken windows, cracks in walls, etc.   Digital photo documentation will also be needed to document overall roof conditions, deficiencies, and repaired roof areas.



Creative Services for Storm Water Services

Charlotte‐Mecklenburg Storm Water Services (CMSWS) conducts four educational campaigns to raise awareness of the effects of individual behavior on surface water quality, volunteer opportunities to protect local waterways, flood safety, and storm drainage infrastructure throughout the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

  • Surface Water Quality Education Campaign – Messages focus on surface water quality, stormwater, watershed awareness and pollution prevention.
  • Flood Safety Education Campaign – Messages focus on floodplains, flood risks, flood insurance and storm preparation.
  • Volunteer Education Campaign – Messages focus on volunteer opportunities to improve conditions that affect water quality and flooding.
  • Storm Drainage Infrastructure Education Campaign – Messages focus on how drainage infrastructure carries rainwater throughout our community, storm drainage improvement projects, and the importance of repairing and replacing infrastructure to support a thriving city.

Each year, CMSWS prepares a strategic plan that summarizes the activities and strategies for the upcoming fiscal year. The selected firm(s) will assist in the development and implementation of this plan.

Heavy Truck Cab/Chassis Repair Services

The city is seeking qualified vendors to provide Class 7 and 8 truck cab/chassis repair services for city-owned vehicles.  The city fleet includes trucks from the following manufacturers:

  • Autocar
  • Caterpillar
  • Chevrolet
  • Crane Carrier
  • Ford
  • Freightliner
  • International
  • Isuzu
  • Mack

Uptown Cycle Track

The project includes implementation of a two-way separated cycle track in Uptown Charlotte along portion of 5th and 6th street. It will provide a connection between Little Sugar and Irwin Creek Greenways. The cycle track will be constructed mostly within the existing roadway, currently used as vehicular travel lanes and on‐street parking. Traffic signals will be modified and an at‐grade crossing of the Lynx Blue Line is required. Work includes the construction of cycle tracks and ramps, concrete medians, pavement markings, milling, resurfacing, traffic signals and signage.