Purchase of Light-Rail (LRV S70) SAFT Replacement Batteries for Inventory Spares

This request is for a Rail Inventory to purchase 22 LRV S70 SAFT NICKEL CADMIUM BATTERY MODEL SRX220F3 COMPRISED OF 20 HIGH RATE SINTERED/PBE CELLS housed.

SAFT NICKEL CADMIUM BATTERY MODEL SRX220F3 COMPRISED OF 20 HIGH RATE SINTERED/PBE CELLS housed. The battery is rated at a nominal capacity of 220Ah at the five-hour rate to a cell end voltage of 1.0V at 20°C following a constant current charge per IEC60623. The cells are housed in stainless steel crates and supplied with central water filling system, standard rigid connections, flame retardant flexible cables, thermostat, and 4/0 cable lugs per battery assembly drawing 217428. The SRX220F3 would be supplied in flame retardant transparent plastic cell containers.

(PSR#: 1216)

Blue Line Extension Grade Crossing Spare Parts

The request is for 5 year $30,000 annual contract for  Western-Cullen-Hayes, Inc. Grade Crossing spare parts the OEM for the Blue Line Extension (” BLE”) Grade Crossing Spare Parts. Integrity Wire was the DBE used by BBRI under the BLE project to supply the grade crossing equipment.

PSR 840

Uniform T-Shirts

Charlotte Water is one of the largest public water and wastewater service providers in the southeast. This solicitation will be to provide Charlotte Water employees located in various locations throughout the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County with non-embroidered and City and/or Charlotte Water embroidered uniform and work-related T-Shirts. T-Shirts may include, but are not limited to, short sleeve, long sleeve, pocketed, and non-pocketed types.

This ITB will be targeted to SBEs only.  Companies wishing to submit a Bid for this ITB shall be a city-certified SBE by the Bid Opening date and time.

Repair and Replacement of Blinds, Shades, Shutters, and Window Treatments

The Building Services Division of the General Services Department/Engineering and Project Management is responsible for maintaining a portfolio of approximately 180 buildings, including offices, fire stations, police division offices, and equipment shops, that house various City activities.  The City also maintains cultural facilities, including museums and arenas that serve as venues for sports, entertainment, and other events.  Contracts resulting from this RFP may be used by various City departments for needs across the entire City organization.


The City plans to contract with one or more Companies to provide Repair and Replacement of Blinds, Shades, Shutters and Window Treatments.  The City is seeking firms whose combination of experience and expertise will provide professional, timely, and cost-effective services to the City.


The Company shall provide Services at various locations as needed.  No representation or guarantee is made regarding the quantity of work to be awarded under any as-needed service contract. A Company may be awarded multiple tasks or none at all.  It is not anticipated that any single task will exceed $50,000.


The Company shall supply all required expertise, labor, tools, equipment, materials and services in accordance with plans, specifications, and performance standards and in accordance with good practices, any and all codes pertaining thereto, and to the satisfaction of the City.  The Company further agrees to obtain all licenses and permits required for the work, as applicable.

CATS Technology FY22 Refresh

Every year CATS completes an annual PC refresh for both laptops and workstations to replace and/or add to the existing network. This year CATS intends to use FTA funds to cover part of the FY22 refresh.

Refresh Desktop, Exec Laptop, Eng Laptop, Standard Laptop, Docking station and monitors:

Dell Precision 3560 Laptop-Qty 37
Dell Latitude 7320 Laptop- 7
Dell Precision 3561 Laptop – 14
Dell Precision 3240 Desktop – 119
Dell P2419H Monitor – 20
Dell WD19TBS Standard Docking station – 58

Thickening and Dewatering Polymers

Solicitation for polymers that are necessary for the treatment and dewatering of solids removed from the water and wastewater treatment process.

Fire PT Uniforms

The Charlotte Fire Department (CFD) provides physical fitness training uniforms to all new and current employees on an annual basis for required on-the-job physical training and recruit school.  The uniform items consists of sweatshirts, sweat pants, training shorts, and tee shirts.  The uniforms will require screen-printing of the CFD logos onto the garments.  Short sleeve and long sleeve tee shirts are also provided as part of the employee’s uniform allotment.  This will be a contract for a period of three years with the option to extend the contract for two additional one-year terms.