Uptown Cycle Track

The project includes implementation of a two-way separated cycle track in Uptown Charlotte along portion of 5th and 6th street. It will provide a connection between Little Sugar and Irwin Creek Greenways. The cycle track will be constructed mostly within the existing roadway, currently used as vehicular travel lanes and on‐street parking. Traffic signals will be modified and an at‐grade crossing of the Lynx Blue Line is required. Work includes the construction of cycle tracks and ramps, concrete medians, pavement markings, milling, resurfacing, traffic signals and signage.

FY21 Time and Materials Repair Project

This project consists of the repair of water and sewer main lines and service lines throughout the Charlotte Water service area. The increase in telecom and internet related underground construction throughout Charlotte has put its infrastructure in substantial risk of being damaged. The work under this contract will supplement the City’s workforce in making these repairs. Work may include either water or sewer lines, any depth or any size. Because of the unknown scope of each repair, this is a Time and Materials contract. The Contractor’s Superintendent will be required to respond and be on site within 2 hours of being called to evaluate the condition and develop an agreed upon plan with the City. Contractor work crews will be required to respond and be on site within 4 hours of the meeting with the Contractor’s Superintendent and the issuance of the Work Order.


The Project consists of constructing water and/or sanitary sewer service installations at a single address (single applicant) or water and/or sanitary sewer service dismantlement at a single address (single applicant).

Catawba Pump Station Rehabilitation Project

The Project site is the Catawba Raw Water Pump Station located on Mountain Island Lake, owned & operated by Charlotte Water. The site address is 12548 Pump Station Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216. The work under this project will be primarily in Cells #2 & 3. The electrical work consists of changing the Cell #3 voltage from 2300V to 4160V, including new switchgear, synchronous motor, conduit, cable, etc. as well as re-winding an existing electric pump motor. The civil/mechanical work consists of rebuilding/ replacing screens, rehabbing cone valves, and installing a new flow meter vault. The structural work consists of new electrical vault, drywall electrical room, masonry, doors, windows, louvers, and fans. This project also includes the replacement of the existing roofing system at the Generator Building with a new modified 3-ply built up roofing system.