Early Grading Package (4th Parallel Runway Project)

As part of the 4th Parallel Runway project, the Airport will solicit bids for grading, drainage, fencing, and erosion and sediment control. Other scopes of work include:

  • Excavation of in-site soil and rock from existing Airport property areas
  • Stockpiling, placement, and compaction of excavated material in CLT-recommended locations
  • Isolated, minor site surface drainage features along regraded areas and stockpile locations
  • May include extension of existing Coffey Creek box culvert – currently under construction as part of the South Crossfield (SCF) project (TBD)
  • May include extension of existing sanitary sewer line relocation – currently under construction as part of the SCF project (TBD)
  • Identification of and relocation of existing security perimeter fence as needed

Early Tree Clearing (4th Parallel Runway Project)

As part of the 4th Parallel Runway project, the Airport will solicit bids for tree clearing, erosion and sediment control. While the final bid package will contain exact line items, it is anticipated for the tree clearing to be roughly 160 acres. The tree clearing will consist of setting perimeter erosion control measures, cutting and hauling off of timber, but will not include any grubbing, clearing or grading.

Auditing Services of Gross Advertising Sales

Looking for an auditor to verify over the five (5) years of the CATS Transit Advertising contract if the Gross Sales reported by the contractor are accurate and complete based on the monthly billings to the advertisers.


(PSR#: 1342)

Trash Removal Along CATS Light-Rail Maintenance of Way

Charlotte Area Transit System, Maintenance of Way division needs a contractor for the removal of trash and debris from tracks 1 and 2 at 26 light-rail stations for approximately 100 feet north and south beyond the ends of each station.  This work will be performed at every CATS Blue Line station once per week and anytime there has been an event that leaves trash and debris on Tracks 1 and 2.  This will be a 3-year contract with two 1-year optional extensions.

(PSR#: 1336)

Transit Security Services

This PSR is to put CATS Police/Security contract out for solicitation. Police/Security services will be separated with the intent to utilize two separate vendors that will work seamlessly in collaboration with one another. One vendor will be contracted for Police, Dispatchers, and Security Guards with Tasers while the other vendor will be contracted for just Security Guards. This contract will be for three (3) years and two (2) one-year options totaling 5 years. Officers will perform all duties listed in the Scope of Duty which describes Police/Security coverage on all rail systems, rolling stock, facilities, and properties owned or operated by CATS. The vendor with police officers will have a total of 210,080 hour and the second vendor with just security guards will have a total of 91,520 giving the grand total between both contracts 301,600 hours per year.

PSR 1332

Leak Detection Services

This RFP is to contract with a company to provide water leak detection services for Charlotte Water’s residential and public mains.

Zone 4 Warehouse Storage Project

Charlotte Water is building a new warehouse that requires storage equipment such as pallet racks, shelving, flammable cabinets, and industrial parts drawers. One company is sought to perform turnkey services including load verification, type and quantities of equipment, layout and design, facilitation of building permitting, procurement, and installation. Installation is expected to be completed in Spring 2023.

Janitorial Services

Scope of services include but are not limited to labor, supervision, materials, equipment, chemicals, supplies, and incidentals for complete janitorial services at the following locations on airport property: CLT Airport Main Terminal, the Old Terminal, CLT Center, Business Valet, Taxi Hold Building, various other buildings, and various parking-related facilities, such as Toll Booths and elevators. The Company may also be requested to perform additional/incidental tasks, including, but not limited to, table set-up and break-down for special events at CLT in a manner acceptable to the City. The contract term will be for three years with the option to renew for two additional one-year terms.