Automatic Lighting Controls Maintenance and Services

The proposed contract is to provide installation, maintenance, and programming services for Automatic Lighting controls in City facilities that are not part of an integrated Building Automation System. All control systems require maintenance and confirmation that they are still functioning correctly. Lighting controls may include occupancy sensors, timelocks, and photocells, relays, light control switches, or touchscreens. Lighting control systems should be inspected and cleaned to ensure proper operation. Reporting of deficiencies, troubleshooting, and programming modifications may be needed.

Citywide Roof Inspection and Maintenance

The purpose of this project is to provide specified inspection schedules, and also for on-call, as needed services for unscheduled inspection services, minor roof maintenance, and repairs. Work is to include inspections of gutters, scuppers, down spouts, coping caps, expansion joint covers, and gravel stop joints and flashings. In addition, building perimeter inspections will be needed to note defects, such as damaged or deteriorated wood fascia, peeling paint, broken windows, cracks in walls, etc.   Digital photo documentation will also be needed to document overall roof conditions, deficiencies, and repaired roof areas.



CATS Facilities Air Compressor Services Contract

Contract needed for Air Compressor and Dryer PM and repair services. The VMF currently needs a new Air Compressor to assist with Rail Car maintenance. Repair existing air systems, install new air lines and air dryer.




Bus Differential Overhaul Services

The Company shall supply quality, trained professionals to properly diagnose, test, disassemble, clean, and/or replace OE parts as needed and reassemble. The Company is required to use genuine Meritor parts and employees certified to rebuild the differential. To help reduce turn-around time, the Company shall keep one differential (per part number) on hand. The Company will be required to return the reconditioned item or items to our facilities within twenty-four (24) hours of pick up.



Vanpool Billboards

Vanpool has requested CATS Marketing assist them with billboard advertising.  CATS is seeking billboard advertising space to promote its vanpool program. Desired locations include:  I-77 North from Rock Hill to Clanton Rd. I-77 South from Mooresville to Sunset Rd.  I-85 South from Concord to Sugar Creek  I-85 North from Gastonia to Wilkinson Blvd. Quote must include printing and installation for a two-month period. Vendor to provide traffic counts and photos of locations. CATS will provide camera ready artwork. 



ATS Employee Safety Culture Survey

As part of FTA-mandated Agency Safety Plan (ASP) regulations 49 CFR 673, CATS needs to conduct an agency wide safety survey to all its employees to provide a baseline safety culture. This baseline will allow CATS to identify GAPS in the ASP and enhance the document to ensure safety issues and programs identified by employees are included. It is our intent to conduct future pulse check surveys in order to track changes in the safety culture over time.



Concrete Pad at UNCC Vaults

This project will consist of fine grading, pavement, and drainage swale at UNCC (University of North Charlotte Campus) communications cabinet area. Fine grading and rip rap stabilization at Norfolk Southern Spur line.





Rail Geometry Testing

An annual inspection of rail geometry is necessary to ensure proper track position, curvature alignment, smoothness, cross level, and other factors for safe an efficient train movement.

And to test several geometric parameters of the track without obstructing normal revenue operations. Some of the parameters generally measured include position, curvature, alignment of the track, smoothness, and the cross level of the rails. The testing vehicle will use a variety of sensors, measuring systems, and data management systems to create a profile of the track being inspected. The Track Geometry Vehicle must be able to collect track geometry measurements that include gauge, curvature, cross level, super elevation, 31’ and 62’ warp, 31’ and 62’ twist, track alignment and rail profiles of both left and right running rails though an automated data collection system.