Snow Removal Assistance

Snow Removal Assistance and Equipment for Ground Transportation Bus Shelters and parking.

Citywide Interpretation, Translation & Transcription Services

The City is seeking Companies to provide Interpretation, Translation, Transcription and related services for various City departments. The purpose of this RFP is to obtain proposals from qualified Companies to provide the services described below. Multiple companies may be needed to meet the range of needs as described in this RFP.

Services are anticipated to be utilized in several different government settings, including, but not limited to:

  • Public Safety;
  • Non-Emergency and/or General Citizen Support;
  • Court/Legal Needs; and
  • Employee Assessment/Testing.

Citywide Onboarding Services

The City employs 7,500 + diverse employees in more than twenty-one (21) Departments. The City is seeking Companies who provide various Onboarding Services for its workforce. These services shall include, but not limited to:

  • Background Investigations, including Motor Vehicle Report;
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing;
  • Pre-Employment Physicals; and
  • Polygraph Examinations.

This RFP consolidates several separate solicitations into one, so the City shall award to multiple Companies to meet their Onboarding needs. Companies can submit a proposal for multiple Services or a single Service. Proposals should address how the Company would meet the requirements listed below. All City Departments may utilize the Services.


Citywide Division Wrecker Towing Services

The City is seeking vendors to provide Division Wrecker towing for the thirteen Police divisions throughout the City for the use by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD), Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT – ParkIt) and Housing and Neighborhood Services (HNS – Code Enforcement). At the City’s discretion, a vendor may be awarded a contract for one or more divisions. Vendors will be responsible for performing towing, storing, releasing or dispensing of any disabled motor vehicles. Services to be included are towing of disabled cars, code violations, and illegally parked vehicles. The rates for these Services will be established by the City.

Pump & Motor Repair

Provide repair and maintenance service for pumps and motors throughout Charlotte Water

Elevator Maintenance & Repair Service

Provide elevator maintenance and repair service to Charlotte Water locations



This project was cancelled, as Charlotte Water will use the city-wide elevator contracts.

Flow Monitoring Services

Solicitation for the supply, installation, maintenance, monitoring, and reporting of flow meters and rain gauges at temporary and permanent locations throughout sewer system.