Charlotte Police and Fire Training Academy – Control System Replacement

This Project involves work in an existing 2‐story Training Facility totaling 108,000 sqf. The work consists of replacing an existing 20‐year old control system with a new BACnet control system integrated with the City’s existing iVu display system in a seamless manor as described on the plans. Additionally, all of the existing (9) AHUs will have both CHW Control Valves and HW Control Valves replaced with new “Energy Valves”, new OA Dampers and Relief  Dampers with actuators. Various other System Relief dampers and actuators are also to be replaced. RA Dampers on the AHUs will all be provided with new Actuators. All of the HW valves at each Fan Powered VAV Terminals are to be replaced with new Smart, Pressure Independent valves as described on the plans.

Collaborative Delivery Support Services

Charlotte Water (CLTWater) is soliciting Statements of Qualifications from qualified companies to provide Collaborative Delivery Support Services for various CLTWater and Storm Water Services projects.

CLTWater and Storm Water Services conduct several collaborative delivery projects each year. The departments are seeking a consultant to provide various services to support internal staff with the implementation of these collaborative delivery projects.  Services will be related to helping the departments develop internal processes and procedures, advising staff through Guaranteed Maximum Price negotiations and reviews, and provide training for staff, all in an effort for continuous improvement, standardization, and staff development.  Additional services may be required depending on the need that arises or the individual collaborative delivery project.


Legal, Demography, and GIS Services for Election Redistricting

The City is seeking a service provider to assist with its decennial redistricting process.  The City envisions that the service provider will provide legal, demography, and GIS (Geographic Information System) services.  It is expected that more than one firm may work together jointly on a single Proposal. It is strongly preferred that the lead company or prime contractor for any Proposal be a law firm with attorneys licensed to practice in the state of North Carolina.  While the City is flexible with respect to certain elements of the Project, the City has specific requirements and preferences for the Services.

​Charlotte has a council-manager form of government with a mayor and 11 council members elected every two years in November. The mayor and four council members are elected at-large by a city-wide vote. Seven council members are elected from districts by voters who reside in each district.  Elections typically occur in odd-numbered years (e.g., 2017, 2019), and the City was due to have Council elections in November of 2021.

The City generally engages in the redistricting process for the seven districts after the release of the decennial census conducted by the U.S. government.  However, the census data for 2020 has been delayed, making the redistricting process impracticable.  As a result, the state legislature enacted legislation, S.L. 2021-56, to delay the regular November 2021 elections until April 2022.  The 2020 Census data is expected to be provided by the U.S. Census Bureau in September 2021.  Per S.L. 2021-56, the City is required to complete redistricting by November 12, 2021, and if this date cannot be met, then by December 17, 2021.  Candidates must file for elections shortly after the redistricting is complete, with primary elections scheduled for March 8, 2022.


Professional Engineering Services for Various Storm Water Services Projects

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services is requesting proposals from qualified companies interested in providing Professional Engineering Services for Various Storm Water Services Projects.  Services will be needed for the following two scopes of work:

Unspecified Minor Storm Drainage Improvement Projects

Work may include but is not necessarily limited to initiating new projects or the review and completion of an existing project’s activities already in progress. Minor drainage projects are the ones defined to average in total construction cost between $50,000 to $500,000 each.

Active Major Storm Drainage Improvement Projects

Work includes the review and completion of an existing project’s activities already in progress. Scoping on these projects is anticipated to begin in 2021. The specific projects will be identified in the Request for Qualifications.

Progressive Design-Build Services for Mallard Creek Interceptor Improvement Project – Phase 1 and Phase 2

Charlotte Water (CLTWater) is seeking Progressive Design-Build services to assist with the analysis, design and construction of the Mallard Creek Interceptor Improvement Project – Phase 1 and 2 (Project). Proposers need to assemble a team of experts including at a design, survey, geotechnical, environmental, permitting, pre/post blasting surveys and related seismic monitoring, real estate acquisition including appraisal and legal, and communication experts and construction contractors.

The Mallard Creek Basin service area consists mainly of residential zoning, with increasing commercial development around the new Blue Line Extension, UNC Charlotte, and the University Research Park. Infrastructure improvements are needed, not only to support current flows and maintain required service levels within the Mallard Creek Basin, but to also keep pace with the rapid growth and development. Hydraulic modelling conducted for the Mallard Creek Basin indicated that the Mallard Creek interceptor is currently capacity limited under two-year peak flow conditions. Future population and flow projections further suggested that flows in the basin would likely grow about 20 percent every 10 years. Per Charlotte Water’s Capacity Assurance Program (CAP), for the purposes of accepting new connections, adequate capacity exists when the sanitary sewer system can convey flows at a 2-year Level of Service (LOS) between the point of connection and the wastewater treatment plant without excessive surcharge, while future enhancements are sized for the 10-year peak flow condition.

Engineering Consultant Services-East West Station

Provide engineering support services for the modification of OCS equipment in the East/West Station area as part of an adjacent development agreement. Because of the developer’s expedited schedule, we need a contract for immediate assistance.

CATS Blue Line OCS retrofit at East/West Station Scope of Service


The intent of this scope is to provide CATS with owner’s representative services in facilitating oversight for the retrofitting of OCS equipment in the East/West Station platform area as a result of adjacent development project.


  1. Scope of Work:
  • Develop a framework of deliverables for required engineering documents from developer.
  • Provide developer with design standards and guidelines for proposed OCS equipment.
  • Review developer submitted engineering documents and plans (90% and conformed plans) to ensure compliance with CATS O&M procedures and design criteria as well as industry guidelines and standards:
    1. OCS Plan Sheets review
    2. Review Specifications for OCS equipment
    3. Construction schedule, staging and phasing plan review
    4. Review OCS loading conditions for any new or temporary infrastructure
    5. Provide feedback/input regarding OCS equipment maintenance
    6. Provide feedback/input regarding maintenance agreement with building owner
    7. Provide feedback/input regarding developer agreement and exhibits
  • Review OCS structural attachment to building
  • Review pedestrian loading and egress impacts due to the proposed development
  • Attend meetings
  • Support during construction


  1. Assumptions:
  • The developer will provide all necessary documents to perform a thorough review of the proposed modifications.
  • Design phase duration of 1 years.
  • CATS will have final approval for any and all OCS work.
  • 10 meetings during design phase.
  • Support during construction dependent on funding availability.


  1. Schedule:

Review period of 2 weeks from the time of receipt of any documents.

PSR 1130

Material Testing and Special Inspection Services

The successful respondents shall provide geotechnical and material testing services for projects initiated by the Airport.

They shall conduct general material testing tasks in accordance with industry accepted standards and practices as well as the requirements of the airport, the Federal Aviation Administration, North Carolina Department of Transportation and City of Charlotte standards. Examples of Federal Aviation
Administration standards include but are not limited to P-401/403 (Asphalt) and P-501 (Concrete).

Materials testing will be to independently verify site/material conditions to allow work to proceed with confidence. Material Testing services may also include construction observation, report writing and quantity

Environmental Consulting & Remedial Services

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (“CLT” or “Airport”), which is owned and operated by the City of Charlotte, North Carolina, is seeking statement of qualifications (“SOQ”) from qualified and experienced firms (individually or collectively, the “Firm”) interested in providing Environmental Consulting and Remedial Services,

Dukes Chlorine Dioxide Pipeline – Cancelled

This project is to install a new chlorine dioxide line from the Dukes Water Treatment Plant to the intake.  The scope also includes the replacement of the existing chemical piping.