Special Transportation Vehicle Replacement Purchase

STS (Special Transit Services) vehicle replacement for FY19 plan to purchase approx. 11 new ADA (American Disability Act) vehicles. STS (Special Transit Services) needs to purchase eleven LPG (Liquified Propane Gas)  powered replacement paratransit buses, that adhere to the attached specifications.




ADA Compliant Non-Revenue Vehicles

Purchasing: 2 – Ford Transit vans or Chrysler minivans (preferred) with BraunAbility for Bus operations 
2- Ford Transit vans or Chrysler minivans (preferred) with BraunAbility.
2- Mid sized SUV’s




FY20 STS Vehicle Purchasing

 A new contract will be needed for future paratransit bus purchases. 10 vehicles are estimated to be purchased in the first year. Specifications will be provided in the solicitation. 




Bus Stop Bench Purchase

Purchase of 24 Standard Simme-Seats for the Bus Improvement project as a part of the 5310 grant.

The Simme seat bench at three feet takes up a small foot print on concrete while seating the same number of customers as a standard six foot bench. The Simme seat combines the seat and bus stop using up less space, which in turn reduces the amount of funds needed for concrete construction.



Vanpool Vehicle Replacements

5 – 15 passenger vans
5 – 10 passenger transit vans
11 – 7 passenger SUV, or minivans

These vehicles will be used for the vanpool service.  Specifications will be provided in the solicitation.




CATS STS Vehicle Replacement Purchase

CATS Transit will purchase approximately 11 new ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) vehicles. STS needs to purchase eleven LPG powered replacement of paratransit shuttle buses with side lift, that adhere to the specifications.






CATS Vanpool Vehicle Purchase

Charlotte Area Transit will be conducting a solicitation for 16 Vanpool vehicles.  Six of the vehicles will be 15-passenger vans and ten vehicles will be 7 passenger SUVs.  Specifications will be provided in the solicitation.





Police Interceptor Vehicles

The City’s annual budget includes funding to replace or add vehicles to the City’s fleet based on assessment of vehicles and equipment conducted by Fleet Management to determine replacement needs using a rating of vehicle usage, age, maintenance cost, and condition. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) will add or replace pursuit vehicles, both marked and unmarked, as identified within the City’s capital equipment list.