Light Rail Vehicle Coupler Parts and Repair Services

This request is to purchase replacement parts and repair services for the CATS Light Rail Vehicles Coupler System. Dellner Couplers Inc. was the supplier that manufactures and delivers the Light Rail Vehicle coupler components to Siemens.. The equipment purchased against this Purchase Order is for spares required to repair or replace defective items and services to repair equipment. Parts must be interchangeable with the existing equipment.



Bus Operations Shop Supplies

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) Bus Operations Division (BOD) is seeking to contract with a vendor to provide miscellaneous shop supplies to support its operations. Supplies include various hoses, elbows, fittings, o-rings, bushings, lugs, fuses, tools, and miscellaneous parts. BOD maintains over 400 buses and requires the ability to purchase parts on an as-needed basis. This solicitation will be used to select a primary and secondary source for these supplies.


PSR 935/955