S70 LRV Conical Springs Inventory Spare Parts

CATS is seeking a supplier for inventory spare parts 5 year contract to purchase Center Truck Conical Springs for the S70 LRV. First year purchase of 104 CT Conical Springs ,and 48 CT Conical Springs in year 2, 3, ,4 and 5.


PSR 1173

LB Foster LRV Track Lubricating Equipment & Carbon Lubricators

The spare parts that are being purchased are for maintenance replacement spares required to maintain the LYNX Blue Line track lubricating equipment. These items are being purchased from the original OEM in order to guarantee interchangeability with existing hardware.



Auxiliary power supply (APS). Main Power source for Propulsion

Designs and manufactures the auxiliary power supply products for the light rail vehicles. The parts that are being purchased are for repair and replacement parts required to maintain the APS units. These are customized parts for Light Rail Vehicles.