BOD Pest control

BOD contract for pest control on buses. Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Operations Division (CATS-BOD)  pest control services on current fleet of buses. CATS-BOD operates a transit system on a 24/7 schedule with over 400 buses operating out of two facility locations.

Targeted Pests:
The Company will administer bait and/or traps to target the following pests:
All species of roaches
All species of ants
Various other insects
Small rodents
Bait will be in a liquid or paste form. Power bait will not be acceptable.
Rodent traps will be administered on an as needed basis.



CATS Light Rail ROW Pest Control

Quarterly Pest and Rodent Control for the current 32 Structures along the Rail Right of Way ROW (Right of Way) to include Substations and Signal Houses.

The vendor will be required to be escorted by CATS (Charlotte Area Transit System) personnel to complete the task due to gates and for safety reasons.

The contract will also need to be amendable to include the any streetcar ROW (Right of Way) structures that are completed over the term of the contract.



CATS Bus Operations Soap and Cleaning Solutions

The Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Operations Division (CATS-BOD) is requesting bids for a supplier to provide bulk cleaners to the two Charlotte CATS-BOD facilities.   The division uses multiple degreasers and cleaners to maintain cleanliness at multiple levels.  This contract will include supplying and maintaining the chemical storage vessels, checking and maintaining adequate levels of cleaning products, and providing product equipment repair within a 24-hour period after reporting.