On-Call Planning Consultant Services

The Airport is requesting statements of qualifications for the purpose of selecting a Company(s) to provide On-Call Planning Services. The Company(s) will provide, on an as-needed basis, professional planning support services. All services required will be scoped and funded by individual Task Orders issued by Airport. The selected Company(s) will be an external source of planning expertise and assistance to the Airport’s Planning Section, which is a subdivision of the Development Division. The Company will work at the direction of the Airport’s Planning and Environmental Manager and their team.

On-Call Architectural Consultant Services

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is seeking statements of qualifications from professional architecture, architectural engineering, and design-focused firms to provide task order architecture and design concept services. Services are expected to cover a range of smaller studies, conceptual designs, investigations, coordination processes, and technical support of a limited nature. Many of the anticipated tasks will be themed toward facilitating decision-making and implementation of projects in Charlotte’s Destination CLT Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that are or will be designed and constructed under other contracts. The Task Order assignments are intended as extension-of-staff efforts and expertise for the effective delivery of Destination CLT projects and other projects or issues to come before the Development Department. This Architecture Task Order contract is focused largely but not exclusively on “vertical work” and is complemented by two other Task Order support contracts for Engineering & Construction, and Planning.

Land Development Consultant Services

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), a City of Charlotte department, is diversifying its revenue through the development of Airport-controlled property not required for aeronautical purposes. To that end, CLT seeks a land development consultant to advise its commercial development strategy for multiple landside parcels in its landholdings. CLT will seek land leases for commercial development to be awarded via a public process with advisement from the land development consultant.