Airport Customs & Border Protection Facility Renovations

This is a Construction Management at Risk (CM@R) project.

The Customs & Border Protection (CBP)  Facility Renovation project  demolishes and reconstructs all interior areas of the existing  CBP Facility.  The project also expands the terminal connector between Concourse D, & Concourse E, adding approximately 15,000 square feet of leasable space.

Atrium Life Safety and Rehabilitation (Construction)

The Terminal Atrium Life Safety and Renovation Project will include the installation of fire protection and life safety systems in the Atrium and Mezzanine.  The project will also include refurbishing finishes, new flooring, upgraded lighting, and signage and wayfinding.   There will also be addition of life safety measures and renovations to various other components in the Atrium portion of the Terminal Building.

Terminal Basement Rehabilitation (Cancelled)

The Airport plans to rehabilitate the existing terminal basement as it has not been renovated since its original construction in the 1980s.  The Terminal Basement currently provides three prep kitchens in addition to storage for concessionaires in the terminal.  The rehabilitation will reconfigure the space to maximize the operation and update all life safety systems for this area.

Sharklets on the C Concourse – CANCELLED

Scope of Work Construction of Sharklets  Concourse C

The Airport is working with American Airlines (AA) to determine needs related to AA’s aircraft fleet mix.  The Airport is awaiting a decision from AA as to whether or not AA is going to sign a reimbursable agreement for the necessary planning, design, and construction to accommodate their A321 aircraft with extended wingtips (Sharklets) on the C Concourse.

This project has been cancelled.

Concourse E Renovations (Construction)

The Concourse E Expansion project will add a 31,000 square foot expansion to the concourse to provide facilities for the additional passenger load. The expansion will also include additional passenger hold rooms, public restrooms, and passenger loading bridges.