Ramp Level Break Room Addition – Concourse A

The purpose of this contract will be for Concourse A Ramp Level Break Room Addition. This will add a break room and restroom for use of building maintenance staff. This will be a turnkey project for the addition one room and one restroom. This work is outlined in the narrative and drawings provided by AME Consulting Engineers. Contract term is 6 months.

SBE Targeted ITB: The City has established that this project will be targeted to City certified SBE firms only. Only firms registered and have an active SBE certification with the City of Charlotte can bid on this project.

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Phase II Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center

This work includes the provision of labor, material, equipment, supervision and administration to includes:

1. Roof Areas C1‐C3, D, E1‐E3, F1‐F3 and G:

a. Remove and dispose of base flashings, walkway pads and sheet metal.

b. Prepare two‐ply modified bitumen roof membrane to receive recovering roof system.

c. Provide a cold adhesive applied two‐ply modified bitumen roof membrane along with

flashings and accessories.

d. Replace sheet metal flashings and trim.

e. Provide a complete, watertight, 20‐year extension to existing roof system warranty.

2. Exterior Wall Restoration:

a. Replace elastomeric joint sealants at control joints and expansion joints at elevation walls

above roof level from through wall flashing up 6 feet.

b. Replace through wall flashings at masonry elevation wall above roof level.

c. Replace through wall flashings at window/door heads.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center (CMGC) Generator Replacement

The project consists of replacing two (2) 475 kVA emergency paralleled generators in the sub-plaza level of the Government Center. The existing generators along with the existing paralleling gear, exhaust, fuel, cooling, and branch circuit systems shall be demolished and replaced. In detail these include, but are not limited to: two (2) existing radiators in the pit adjacent to the generator room, the existing paralleling gear, the exhaust piping stack up to the roof level, all existing cooling and fuel piping, the existing fuel pumps, and all electrical branch circuit for ancillary generator loads. The existing generators shall be removed in such a manner as to ensure they can be resold by the general contractor for a credit back to the City. Two (2) new CAT emergency-rated 500 kVA generators (purchased directly by the City) shall be installed along with a new 2000 amp, 480/277V switchboard (also purchased directly by the City), which shall replace the existing paralleling switchboard. The new generators shall be equipped with onboard paralleling technology. New control wiring shall be provided and installed to two (2) new annunciators and the existing building management system at the security desk adjacent to the elevator lobby on the sub-plaza level of the facility. A 1MW temporary generator shall be provided and installed by the electrical contractor adjacent to the street and exterior wall of the generator room to provide temporary backup power coverage while the existing gear systems are demolished and replaced. The general contractor is required to provide a construction schedule and participate in necessary pre-construction and construction progress meetings during the duration of the project. The City shall provide a commissioning agent to develop all commissioning scripts and testing procedures at the conclusion of construction activities. The General Contractor shall be responsible for all necessary materials and labor  necessary for the performance of the scripted commissioning activities.

Generator Replacement and Emergency Lighting Upgrades – Mint

The project involves the replacement of the existing diesel generator and tank and provide a new life safety emergency ATS and distribution system, and refeed the existing emergency distribution system.

The new life safety lighting shall be controlled via a lighting control panel that will be controlled by the existing “lutron” facility wide lighting control system. The lighting control panel shall be UL924 listed and the controls shall allow for astronomic time-clock control with system overrides, computer programming and scheduling where applicable. The time clock and scheduling setting shall be coordinated with the owner prior to inception of work. The lighting control shall interface with the fire alarm system such that in an alarm condition the emergency shall automatically turn on to full output and override the system settings. In the event of a normal power failure the life safety lighting shall automatically turn on and shall override the lighting control settings. New emergency life safety lighting and exit signs are being added. The receptacles and HVAC system in the main telecom room shall be added to the emergency power distribution system.

PROJECT LOCATION: Mint Museum Randolph, 2730 Randolph Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28207-2012