On Call Stream Restoration and Sanitary Sewer Repair

This project includes stream stabilization and sewer repair at multiple locations within the sanitary sewer collection system. Stream stabilization structures shall be constructed to protect existing and proposed sanitary sewer infrastructure.

Project components include natural in-stream structures, plantings, site grading, sanitary sewer replacement, sheet pile installation, bypass pumping, and sediment control measures. Site locations will be released during the contract duration.

The contract is expected to be for a two-year term with possible renewal.

Goose Creek Sanitary Sewer to Cresthill

Project site is mainly wooded and has minimal housing. There will be one crossing on Lawyers Rd. The project will consist of approximately 5,500 linear feet of 8-inch gravity sewer.


The objective of this RFP is to solicit proposals for chemical grouting and pipe lining services.

The company shall provide chemical grouting and cured in place pipe lining at various public and private locations as needed within the City of Charlotte.  The services included are but not limited to:

    • Chemical grouting, and cured in place pipe lining
      • Provide professional consultant service for best practices
      • Provide recommendation on the installation process
      • Provide recommendation during the design and installation phase of the project
      • Provide professional representation during the design and installation of the project
    • Installation process
      • Shall be able to install chemical grouting, and cured in place pipe lining
      • Shall be able to remove and replace
        • Storm drainage structures
        • Curb & gutter
        • Asphalt
        • Incidental work to complete the chemical grouting, and cured in place pipe lining

Zone 2 Water Replacement Package 1

The purpose of Zone 2 Water Replacement Package project is to expand Charlotte Water’s ongoing water replacement program by expediting the replacement of older water mains that are of pipe materials known to have a high likelihood of failure. Through research of main break data, a group of neighborhoods have been identified with a high concentration of these water mains made from these pipe materials. This project will focus on the replacement of the galvanized steel pipe (GSP) and asbestos cement pipe (ACP) within the project area but will consider other mains within the scope areas as well if deemed necessary. For this project, Charlotte Water staff believes the Progressive Design-Build delivery method will be best.

Valve Assessment and Repair Services

Charlotte Water is seeking a Company to provide valve assessment, fabrication, and repair services for various valve sizes and types.  The Company shall be experienced in assessing and repairing valves in water and wastewater applications.  Size of valves to be serviced will range from 2 inches to 120 inches.  Valves may be gate, butterfly, plug, cone, globe, or any other type located within the Charlotte Water Distribution System (water lines), Collection System (sewer lines), or any Treatment Facility (water and/or wastewater).  Assessment and repair services are to occur on active mains that will remain active and in service during these processes.  Charlotte Water will provide access to valves with excavation in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards or existing vault/manhole.  Valves to be repaired have yet to be determined and may be located anywhere geographically within Mecklenburg County.  The Company shall operate and complete Services as directed by the Charlotte Water designated Engineer (CW Engineer).

Siphon Pipe Inspection and Cleaning Services – CANCELLED

Charlotte Water will be soliciting proposals from interested companies for siphon pipe inspection and cleaning services. Charlotte Water will be awarding a contract to perform planned siphon pipe inspections and cleaning on a re-occurring maintenance schedule with a standard frequency.

A Charlotte Water representative shall be present when the final cleaning runs are made to ensure cleanliness and will make the final decision on whether the cleaned siphon is acceptable or not. When available, construction drawings of the siphon(s) to be cleaned will be provided.

Water Treatment Valve Rehabilitation Services

Charlotte Water will be seeking a company to inspect Charlotte Water (Water Treatment division) valves for rehabilitation needs in order to maintain their operational status and minimize downtime.  Valves will be disconnected and reconnected by Charlotte Water.