Roof and Sealant Replacement (4824 West Blvd)

This contract will be to provide roof and sealant replacement on the building at
4824 West Boulevard for Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, North Carolina. This will be a complete removal of existing roofing membrane, insulation, flashings, sheet metal flashings, gutters, and downspouts, and complete removal of all existing backer rod and sealant at exterior wall brick control joints; repair and/or replacement of rusted and/or deteriorated metal deck, and the installation of new insulation, cover board, mechanically fastened 60 mil TPO membrane and associated flashings, sheet metal flashings, gutters and downspouts, and backer rod and sealant at exterior wall brick control joints and all associated miscellaneous work. The contractor must also provide temporary protection of contents in the building and cleanup of debris associated with removals. The roof has exceeded the expected lifespan and is currently 30+ years old. The project term will be 180 days.

Canceled – South Blvd. Light Rail Facility – 3rd Floor Roofing Replacement

    1. Project Identification: The project consists of roof recover at the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) Light Rail Administration Facility, 3200 South Boulevard, Charlotte, North Carolina.
    2. Project Access: Access to the facility is at 3305 Pelton Street, Charlotte, North Carolina located at the rear of the facility.
    3. Base Bid: Work is generally as follows:
  1. Removal of lightning protection system and storage for reuse.
  2. Removal and disposal of all existing single-ply membrane and flashings; metal flashings, scupper liners and coping caps; installation of new polyisocyanurate roof insulation, gypsum cover board and overlay, fleeceback Polyvinyl-Chloride (PVC) roof membrane and flashings, wood blocking, metal flashings, coping caps, PVC scupper liners and all associated miscellaneous work as specified herein.
  3. Complete removal of existing brick along wall above roof level at Area D; and installation of new through-wall flashing and brick replacement consisting of use of salvaged brick if in good condition and providing new brick (to match existing) as required.
  4. Reinstallation of lightning protection system upon completion of the roofing work according to specifications and requirements of the original UL master label installation.
    The existing roof systems from top to bottom are as follows:

    Components Areas A, B, C and D
    Membrane Fully adhered Hypalon-based single-ply membrane
    Cover Board 1/2 inch gypsum fiber roof board
    Insulation Two (2) layers of 2-inch extruded polystyrene (XPS)
    Underlayment 5/8 inch gypsum fiber roof board
    Deck Metal deck except that parts of Area A has acoustical metal deck
    Drainage Internal roof drains with overflow scuppers
    Slope 1/4 inch per foot structural slope with XPS insulation drainage crickets

Approx. heights of roofs to top of parapets above grade is 50 feet.

Approx.. square footage of roof project is 18,313 sq.ft.

(PSR# 1206)


Water and Wastewater Roofing Replacement Packages 14 and 15

Roofing Replacement of various Wastewater Treatment Plants’ structures:   McDowell, Irwin,          Sugar Creek and McAlpine.  Replacement consists of complete tear off of existing roof down to substrate.  Minor mechanical and electrical relocation/replacement work will be performed, if necessary.  

Water and Wastewater Roofing Replacement Packages 12 and 13

Roofing Replacement of various Water Treatment Plants and Water Booster Station structures. Replacement includes complete tear-off of the existing roof down to the substrate.  Minor mechanical and electrical relocations and re-hook-ups are required.

Airport Roof Replacement and Repairs

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CDIA) has responsibility for maintenance and repair of approximately one hundred (100) buildings including the airport terminal. CDIA requires a minimum of two on-call contractors to perform repairs, replacement and emergency roof repairs of these facilities.

The selected contractors will enter into a time and materials contract for on-call roof replacement and repair services on an as needed basis. The contract will include a three (3) base years and two (2) optional one-year (I) terms for a total potential contract period of five (5) years. The work shall include the furnishing of all supervision, labor, materials, and services required to make the necessary repairs. Along with making repairs to roofs, the contractors shall be required to demolish and remove existing roof materials and dispose of all waste material.  Repairs shall be billed on an agreed upon hourly rate and percent mark-up on materials.

Citywide Roof Inspection and Maintenance

The purpose of this project is to provide specified inspection schedules, and also for on-call, as needed services for unscheduled inspection services, minor roof maintenance, and repairs. Work is to include inspections of gutters, scuppers, down spouts, coping caps, expansion joint covers, and gravel stop joints and flashings. In addition, building perimeter inspections will be needed to note defects, such as damaged or deteriorated wood fascia, peeling paint, broken windows, cracks in walls, etc.   Digital photo documentation will also be needed to document overall roof conditions, deficiencies, and repaired roof areas.



Mallard Creek Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) & Lee S. Dukes Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Standby Power & Electrical Improvements – Cancelled

The first project site is the Mallard Creek Water Reclamation Facility located at 12400 US 29 HWY, Charlotte, North Carolina 28262. The scope of work for this project is a new standby generator facility, the conversion of the existing utility service from 480V to 4160V, electrical upgrades to the existing blower building and the replacement of an existing electrical switchboard. The second project is the Lee S Dukes Water Treatment Plant located at 7980 Babe Stillwell Road, Huntersville, North Carolina 28078. The scope of work for this project is a new standby generator facility, the replacement of the existing 4kV switchgear and 4kV electrical duct bank to re-feed the existing transformers.