Goose Creek Sanitary Sewer to Cresthill

Project site is mainly wooded and has minimal housing. There will be one crossing on Lawyers Rd. The project will consist of approximately 5,500 linear feet of 8-inch gravity sewer.

Brown Grier Road Upgrades

This project will widen the two lane road to a four lane median divided road with multi- use paths between Steele Creek Rd and Whitehall Park Dr., and a multi-use path north along Sandy Porter Rd. to the subdivision at Williams Glenn Rd.

I-85 North Bridge

This project will construct a bridge over I-85 to directly connect Doug Mayes Place and Louis Rose Place. This will relieve congestion a the WT Harris Blvd/ I-85 and Mallard Creek Church Rd/ I-85 interchanges.

Monroe Road Streetscape

Improves Monroe Rd between North Wendover Rd and Eaton Rd to create a more pedestrian-oriented corridor and installs a pedestrian hybrid beacon in front of Time Out Youth Center.

Tuckaseegee Rd (Little Rock Rd to Westerwood Dr) Sidewalk

This project will fill in gaps in the existing sidewalk system on the south side along Tuckaseegee Rd from Little Rock Rd to West Mecklenburg High School, and along the north side of Tuckaseegee Rd from Burkholder Road to Toddville Road.

Idlewild/ Rama/ Monroe Intersection

This project will improve the Idlewild Road and Monroe Road intersection to enhance conditions for all users. Improvements will include pavement widening to accommodate dual left turn lanes at all intersection approaches, bike lanes or multi-use paths, pedestrian refuge islands, and new sidewalks.

Wilson Air North Parking Lot Improvement

The Wilson Air North Parking Lot Improvement project consists of renovation and expansion of the existing parking lot adjacent to the Wilson Air North Charter Terminal building. The project will add over 100 parking spaces to the current lot involving grading, drainage, curb, gutter and asphalt paving along with fencing, vehicular access control, landscaping and lighting.


Asphalt Speed Cushion & Speed Table Construction

Construction of asphalt speed tables and speed cushions on City streets in support of the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy. Charlotte Fire approves asphalt speed tables and speed cushions instead of speed humps as they have less effect on emergency response time.

Zone 2 Water Replacement Package 1

The purpose of Zone 2 Water Replacement Package project is to expand Charlotte Water’s ongoing water replacement program by expediting the replacement of older water mains that are of pipe materials known to have a high likelihood of failure. Through research of main break data, a group of neighborhoods have been identified with a high concentration of these water mains made from these pipe materials. This project will focus on the replacement of the galvanized steel pipe (GSP) and asbestos cement pipe (ACP) within the project area but will consider other mains within the scope areas as well if deemed necessary. For this project, Charlotte Water staff believes the Progressive Design-Build delivery method will be best.