Southpark Enhanced Crosswalks -Phase 1

This project will install new curb ramps, custom crosswalk striping, and leading pedestrian interval signals at Morrison/Sharon and Sharon/Fairview intersections

Oneida Sidewalk

This project will provide sidewalk along Oneida Road from Graham Street to Garvis Drive.

Airport Overlook Relocation – Construction

Relocate Airport Overlook, relocation of Old Dowd Road, construction of two new bridge crossings over the Norfolk-Southern Railroad.

The removal of existing signs and foundations and installation of both Owner-furnished and Contractor-furnished LED airfield guidance signs on new concrete foundations

Heather/Paddock Sidewalk

This project will install a 5 ft. sidewalk and 8 ft. planting strip along Paddock Circle from Hillside Ave to Heather Lane and on Heather Lane from Paddock Circle to Park Rd.