BOD Paint Booth Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services

Quarterly preventative maintenance services will include: Inspecting the function of air lines, pneumatic lifts, lighting and three make up filtration systems associated with the paint booths at the Bus Operations (BOD) facilities. Paint booth air filters will be replaced quarterly as well.

Annually maintenance will consist of unit filters being washed/replaced.

Vendor should have ample supply of replacement parts for the associated systems under the quarterly preventative maintenance service, to include air filters, air-lines, air-line fittings, LED light bulbs and ballasts for lighting. Items must be on hand locally to limit the amount of downtime for our equipment.



UPS Equipment Upgrade (Rail-Technology Replacement)

This solicitation will be to select a a firm to perform a power study and start to replace the current commercial level UPS and inverters for all 15 communications cabinet on the Blue Line. The current UPS and inverters for all 15 communications cabinet have a life expectancy of eight years. They are at the end of life and must be replaced to prevent failures that impact the operation of communications to vital Signal and Traction Power operations. Likewise, environmental control/monitoring systems that support the communications houses has reached end of life and must be addressed to continue supporting the critical network equipment in each communications house. FY2019 – request to continue the system upgrade of the Blue Line and complete any outstanding items not covered in FY18.



Airfield Lighted Sign Replacement

The removal of existing signs and foundations and installation of both Owner-furnished and Contractor-furnished LED airfield guidance signs on new concrete foundations

Asphalt Taxiway & Runway Improvements (Construction)

This project is related to on-going maintenance and repair project for asphalt pavement around the Airport’s Airfield, including runways and taxiways. The typical scope of work involves milling and resurfacing heavily-used areas of runways and taxiways, which will usually involve working during night-time hours, in order to minimize impacts to Airport Operations,

Central Energy Plant (Construction)

The Central Energy Plant is part of the Terminal Lobby Expansion Construction Management at Risk Project.

Provide construction services for a new central energy plant to be located on the first level. The central energy plant will be for the New Terminal Expansion, but will also include space for current and future infield development.

Centralized Receiving and Distribution Center (Construction)

Construct a new Centralized Receiving and Distribution Center (CRDC) on the south side of the airport.  CRDC will provide additional receiving and distribution space to support the growing delivery  operations for the airport, reducing the overall vendor traffic  in the terminal.