Vest Force Main & Pump Station to Franklin and Lee Duke Water Treatment Plant Chem Feed Improvements

Construction of approximately 15,000 linear feet of 16” force main between the Vest Water Treatment Plant and the Franklin Water Treatment Plant.

Installation of 6,000 LF of new 3-inch x 6-inch diameter double wall containment pipe for new chlorine dioxide chemical feed system, including all
appurtenances, leak detection system, electrical, testing, and final commissioning. Installation of two (2) new 2-inch diameter HDPE raw water sample lines (approximate length is 6,000 LF for each), including all appurtenances, and testing. Installation of a new raw water sample pump,
casing, piping, appurtenances, electrical, and testing at the Raw Water Intake at Blythe Landing. Removal and replacement of various chemical feed lines (11/2-inch and 4-inch diameter) inside existing 8-inch and 12-inch diameter casing pipes. Installation of new fiber optic cable (approximately 6,000 LF) between the Lee S. Dukes WTP and the Raw Water Intake. Installation of new potable water line from Highway 73 to existing Compressor Building, including all appurtenances, and testing.

FY23 Water and Sewer Infrastructure – Contract 1

This contract will provide for new water and sanitary sewer main construction throughout the Charlotte, NC water service area. The majority of this contract will be used to build projects for the Street Main Extension Program.

Sugar Creek Mag Hydroxide Rehabilitation and IPS Wetwell Maintenance

This project includes the removal of two HDPE chemical storage tanks and mixers, construction of a new chemical storage tank containment area,
installation of three new chemical storage tanks (two in the existing containment area and one in the new containment area), installation of a chemical mixer at each tank, installation of a new chemical metering pump in the new containment area, construction of an enclosed pump room within the containment areas, installation of new and replacement of piping, and construction of a canopy over the new containment area.


FY23 Small Diameter Water/Sewer Service Contract #2 (Re-bid)

This contract is for water and sanitary sewer service installations including connection to the existing public main, which extends a small diameter line to the property.  Additionally, a water meter box or sanitary sewer cleanout is included. Customers pay connection fees for the installation service, which is based on costs incurred by Charlotte Water in these contracts. The work covered by this contract will provide approximately 800 total services.

Stowe Regional WRRF Northern Access Road

The Project is for the construction of a new access road to the Long Creek Pump Station and the proposed Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF).  The Northern Access Road consists of approximately 5,500 linear feet of paved open-shoulder roadway with 2-12 feet travel lanes and a dual 8’x7’ reinforced concrete box culvert carrying Long Creek Tributary #1 to its confluence with Long Creek.