FY22 Small Diameter Water/Sewer Service Contract

This contract is for water and sanitary sewer service installations including connection to the existing public main, which extends a small diameter line to the property, and includes a water meter box or sanitary sewer clean out. Customers pay connection fees for the installation service, which is based on costs incurred by Charlotte Water in these contracts. The work covered by this contract will provide approximately 400 total services.

Zone 1 HVAC Rehabilitation – CANCELLED

This project will be adding freeze protection to the  two warehouse spaces that are approximately 30,000 square feet.   The space currently has no permanent means of heat.   The completed project will include several space heaters, piping and electrical controls.  This will also include a storage pad and outdoor bulk propane tank which will fuel the heaters.

McAlpine Biosolids Improvements

Rehabilitation of Biosolids Facilities and Processes which includes the dewatering facility, digester complexes and digesters.  Includes cleanout of eight digesters.  Major mechanical and process work and electrical upgrades will also be completed.

Construction of Phase II of the Ashe Plantation Wastewater Treatment Plant

Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant in South Mecklenburg County near Mint Hill.  The construction consists of process piping, wastewater equipment installation, and electrical power and controls.  The project shall also include provision of a temporary treatment plant during construction of the new plant.

Sugar/ Irwin Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection System Replacement

The project allows for the replacement of the existing ultraviolet disinfection system at two wastewater treatment plants.  The two replacement projects will be bid separately with advertising and bidding staggered.  The second  replacement will be advertised  approximately 12-18 months after the first.   The project also involves heavy process work, some excavation and concrete work and major electrical work.

McAlpine Low Lift Pump Station Improvements

This project consists of the replacement of low lift station pump check valves. The project will also include filter improvements and non-potable water upgrades, electrical updates, and a sluice gate replacement.

Zone 2 Vacuum Receiving Facility Project

This work consists of construction of a new Vacuum Receiving Facility at Zone 2.  The work will include sitework, excavation, concrete and structural steel construction.  The project will also include some electrical and minor piping work.