Fire Station #36 HVAC Renovation

The mechanical demolition work consists of removing the five (5) existing split system gas furnaces and outdoor air-conditioning condensers, and the one (1) inline exhaust fan above the men’s locker room. All existing ceiling diffusers and grilles shall be demolished and replaced inplace in new work. Existing split system controls, bipolar ionization devices, furnace terminations, and ductwork are to be kept and reused in the new work. The new mechanical work consists of installing five (5) new split system heat pumps and gas furnaces in the same place as demolished split systems, and reusing controls, bipolar ionization, existing furnace intakes/vents and reconnecting to existing gas. Outside air dampers will be adjusted to reduce outside air flow. Existing controls will need to be reworked to account for the change from cooling-only coils to heat-pump coils. A new, smaller, inline fan will be installed in place of demolished fan above men’s locker. New diffusers and grilles will be installed in-place of demolished diffusers and grilles

Catawba Pump Station Rehabilitation Project

The Project site is the Catawba Raw Water Pump Station located on Mountain Island Lake, owned & operated by Charlotte Water. The site address is 12548 Pump Station Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216. The work under this project will be primarily in Cells #2 & 3. The electrical work consists of changing the Cell #3 voltage from 2300V to 4160V, including new switchgear, synchronous motor, conduit, cable, etc. as well as re-winding an existing electric pump motor. The civil/mechanical work consists of rebuilding/replacing screens, rehabbing cone valves, and installing a new flow meter vault. The structural work consists of new electrical vault, drywall electrical room, masonry, doors, windows, louvers, and fans. This project also includes upgrades to the fire alarm system for the entire Catawba Pump Station facility.