Roof Repair and Design Services

The City of Charlotte is in need of the following services:

Roof Design: The roof design shall include bid documents, including CAD drawings and specifications, assistance with the bid process and review, pre-bid, and pre-construction meetings.

Ancillary Services: In addition to roofing analysis and design services, the type of design services may include, but not necessarily limited to, the other related disciplines of design services as follows: Architectural, Structural Engineering, HVAC Engineering, Plumbing Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. It is also expected that the consultant shall provide basic Construction Administration for this project as described below.

Construction Administration: Construction Administration Services shall include, but not limited to, submittal review and approvals, construction site observation, response to Requests for Information, issuance of Proposal requests, review of proposals,  providing of recommendations for modifications, review of applications for payment, final inspection, and project closeout documentation.

Initial Survey: Before renovating the facility or making major repairs, the Consultant shall visually inspect the roof and building envelope and:

A. Provide a roofing and building envelope survey report of existing conditions.

B. Perform a non-destructive roof survey.

Quality Assurance.

*PE and RRC or approval equivalence