Ultrasonic Rail Testing

On an annual basis, contractors are needed to provide Ultrasonic Rail testing to ensure there are no internal defects in the running rail. Contractor will supply equipment, results of testing, and recommendations for any defects found.




New South End Light Rail Station

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) will construct a new LRT station along the LYNX Blue Line (South Corridor) approximately mid-way between the East/West Boulevard and New Bern Stations. The new station must operate and communicate as part of the overall Lynx Blue Line. Construction will take place while the Blue Line remains in service.

The City of Charlotte completed a study in 2019 to determine the feasibility of constructing a pedestrian crossing or a new station mid-way between the East/West Boulevard and New Bern Stations. Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) determined a new station would best serve the project area. The study indicated two potential locations for the new station, and a final station site will be determined through this contract.

The new station will be designed to the same standards as the recently constructed LYNX Blue Line Extension (BLE) stations and will have the capacity to serve up to three Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs). Construction and testing must occur with minimal disruption to LYNX Blue Line revenue service.



Elevated Storage Tank Engineering Services

The Project consists of designing multiple new elevated storage tanks ranging in size from approximately 1.5 MG to 3.0 MG.  CLTWater intends for the selected Company to provide services for three elevated storage tanks.  The selected firm would also be asked to evaluate the quality of additional existing storage tanks in the CLTWater system.

Corrosion Control Design, Inspection, and Monitoring

CLTWater is seeking a consultant to provide design and testing of corrosion protection services for various water and sewer utility-related projects. These projects may include the construction of sewer mains, water mains, relocation of water and sewer utilities for roadway and light rail transit improvement projects, rehabilitation of existing structures and other projects as determined by CLTWater.

Site Improvements at Charlotte Water’s Field Operations, Zone 1 & 2

The Project consists of the repaving of two different Charlotte Water Facilities: Zone 1 which is located at 11609 Hord Drive Huntersville, NC 28078, and Zone 2 located at 5730 General Commerce Drive Charlotte, NC 28213. Zone 1 encompasses additional aspects besides the repaving, including a proposed storm drainage system, water and sanitary sewer extensions, and the enlargement of the existing detention pond. Zone 2 includes some storm drainage, curb and gutter, and concrete apart from the repaving.