Fueling and Pneumatic Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services

BOD is seeking a 5 (3+1+1) year contract for Fueling and Pneumatic PM and Repair Services. Estimated at $64,000 annually. Please see scope below:

Fueling Station, Pneumatic Equipment PM and Repair Services
Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Operation Division (CATS-BOD) is requesting proposals for fueling station, pneumatic equipment PM and repair services. CATS-BOD uses multiple fueling stations and pneumatic equipment between two facilities. The facilities are located at:
3145 South Tryon Charlotte, NC and
900 North Davidson Charlotte, NC.

The following timing definitions shall be observed and utilized for the purposes of Contract:
Definition Hours Days
Standard 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday – Friday
After hours 5:00pm to 6:59am Monday – Friday
Weekend 5:00pm to 6:59am Friday – Monday
Holiday 12:00am to 11:59pm Holidays

Types of Equipment
CATS-BOD currently uses the following types of equipment:
Gasboy DEF dispensing system
Wayne Diesel dispensing system
Bus Posilock 105 fueling systems
Lincoln/Gracco lube dispensers, pneumatic pumps, retractable reels, etc.
Various fueling trolley systems
Incon/Veeder-Root tank monitoring systems
Various inground and above ground storage tanks

General Scope
This scope of services will include, but not limited to, the operation and maintenance necessary to maintain CATS-BOD fueling and pneumatic pumping equipment/system operations. Proposals for this work shall include all materials, equipment, labor, and supervision required to perform necessary PM and repair work. Vendor services will maintain continuous remote monitoring for leak and spill detection (Veeder-Root and Incon units). This will include responses to alarms, warnings, leaks, malfunctions and failures. Vendor services will be made available to our sites for emergency work on a 24-hour 365-day timetable.

Field personnel must be trained and certified in the repair of the ATGs (automatic tank gauge) including Veeder-Root TLS Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 technical training and similar certifications (i.e. Incon). Copies of technician certified training certificates must be submitted to CATS-BOD and shall be maintained throughout the duration of the contract. The Vendor should also be familiar with current technical software upgrades and communications platforms.

Pumping/clean out services of oil/water separators, ASTs, USTs, sumps, spill bucket, piping, etc. may be necessary. Vacuum services may include product/waste removal, oil and fuel leak/spill cleanup. Disposal shall be in accordance with all EPA, local, state and federal guidelines.

All work shall be performed in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal guidelines and regulations. All work will be completed to meet or exceed the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), American Petroleum Institute (API) guidelines, electrical codes or other appropriate technical training as necessary for work. Mobilization to the site for normal repairs shall be within 24 hours and mobilization for emergency repair shall be within 1 hour.


Quality Assurance
Work shall be performed by a Vendor of established reputation with a minimum of five (5) years’ experience performing PM and repair service on fueling stations and pneumatic equipment. The Vendor is solely responsible for having and maintaining any and all required equipment and tools for PM and repair service needs.

Unless otherwise specified by the CATS-BOD, the Vendor unconditionally guarantees the materials and workmanship on all services. If any defects occur due to faulty material, parts and/or services, the Vendor agrees to warranty all repairs and services to the complete satisfaction of CATS-BOD. These repairs, replacements or adjustments shall be made only at such time as will be designated by CATS-BOD to ensure the least impact to the operation of business.
Seamless service delivery, back order frequency, workmanship and quality issues, response times, safety practices, delivery reports and other methods as deemed appropriate by CATS-BOD from time to time shall be used to gauge Vendor’s performance. Poor performance with respect to service availability, quality of work, unsafe practices, or any of the other requirements of the Contract, as judged solely by CATS-BOD, shall constitute grounds for immediate termination of the Contract between CATS-BOD and the Company.

Spills, Cleaning and Safety
Any by-products, environmental hazards, spills, service-related supplies, and materials used in the performance of the Services, and any related work area, must be cleaned and properly disposed of in accordance with all EPA, OSHA, local laws and ordinances, and any related environmental agencies and regulations. The Vendor shall report any spill or contamination of any size on CATS-BOD property to CATS-BOD supervisor immediately.

The Vendor is required to exercise all measures to insure the safety of CATS-BOD personnel and/or equipment. These measures include but are not restricted to, laws, ordinances, industry best safety practices, proper supplies, traffic control and/or warning devices, company vehicle warning lights/flashers, and all related OSHA requirements for Highway and Work Zone Safety.

Company and Vehicle Identification
Company employees providing services under the provisions of the Contract shall be clearly identifiable by one of the below methods:
Company logo shirts with name patches or emblems
Individual uniforms with name badges
Name tags or identification cards worn in a visible location
All Company vehicles must be clearly marked with the company name and phone number
Additionally, the Company and all personnel who respond to Service Calls shall:
Meet all DMV and DOT requirements
Be at least eighteen (18) years of age
Be able to communicate effectively in English
Not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Possess an appropriate current driver’s license for the vehicle they are operating, as required by North Carolina General Statutes;
Have adequate training to safely perform the services required;
Have a current and valid North Carolina Motor Vehicle Operator Permit for type/class of vehicle they are operating.
Vendor must display All permits upon request of any CATS-BOD official while performing any work on CATS-BOD property.
In the event a report is received alleging an employee(s) of the Vendor was discourteous, belligerent, profane or in any way intimidating (either physically or verbally) the Vendor shall submit a written report to CATS-BOD point of contact outlining the complete details of the incident. Said report shall include the nature of the incident, time, date and location, and name, address and telephone number of the person alleging the violation. The report shall also include the name and title of the employee and what disciplinary action, if any, was taken.

Price Schedule
Pricing shall be stated as a fixed price per item or service rate that includes shipping and delivery, any discounts, vendor markup/profit, fuel surcharge item cost and storage. No other charges are allowed.