CLT – Painting Services for Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs)

CLT is seeking qualified Provider(s) to perform painting of passenger boarding bridges (PBBs). Provider(s) is responsible for furnishing all labor, equipment, tools and use of equipment necessary for the surface preparation and painting of the entire interior and exterior surface of the PBBs The Provider(s) may provide partial painting and/or complete surface painting for the PBBs during the contract term.

This contract is anticipated to have an initial three (3) year term with two (2) – one (1) year renewals.

Catawba Pump Station Rehabilitation Project

The Project site is the Catawba Raw Water Pump Station located on Mountain Island Lake, owned & operated by Charlotte Water. The site address is 12548 Pump Station Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216. The work under this project will be primarily in Cells #2 & 3. The electrical work consists of changing the Cell #3 voltage from 2300V to 4160V, including new switchgear, synchronous motor, conduit, cable, etc. as well as re-winding an existing electric pump motor. The civil/mechanical work consists of rebuilding/replacing screens, rehabbing cone valves, and installing a new flow meter vault. The structural work consists of new electrical vault, drywall electrical room, masonry, doors, windows, louvers, and fans. This project also includes upgrades to the fire alarm system for the entire Catawba Pump Station facility.