CLT – Electrical Switchgear Maintenance and Repair Services

CLT is looking for a Company to perform preventative maintenance, troubleshoot, test, and repair a variety of switchgear and breakers. CLT installations range from the small facility with residential-type single-phase power to the very large facility with incoming service voltages to 25 KV (kilovolts).

Three (3) year term with two (2) additional one (1) year renewals.


SCADA Development & Instrumentation Services

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a control system architecture that uses computers, networked data communications, and graphical user interfaces for high-level process supervisory management to interface with water and wastewater process plants and machinery.

The Service Provider(s) shall support Charlotte Water’s operations, maintenance, and engineering teams directly.

Projects and work hours will vary. Historically, the services provided under this
contract have been considered to be a continuous need; although no service hours are guaranteed.

On-Call Airfield Lighting Maintenance

The Facilities Department of Charlotte Douglas International Airport maintains the airfield, including runways and taxiways and the lights, signs, regulators, and control systems within the AOA. (Aircraft Operational Area). This includes a network of wire and conduit, including cans and manholes. This Contract will be an on-call as-needed basis. It will also include, not be limited to the following: power, distribution, lighting, conduit, panels, equipment connections, and high voltage. Most of this work will be in and on the airfield at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

North End Around Taxiway Paving and Lighting

One of four remaining bid packages within the North End Around Taxiway Program. This work includes the construction of the North End Around Taxiway (NEAT) to make it fully operational.  Major work items in this package include minor grading, concrete taxiway paving, related airfield lighting, pavement markings and signage.


North End Around Taxiway Early Cabling Project has been combine – CANCELLED

One of seven remaining bid packages within the North End Around Taxiway Program. The construction of the NEAT Early Cabling Project provides for temporary direct-buried power cables from the existing power transformer at the existing RW 36C Approach Localizer Emergency Generator to the existing transformer at the existing Runway 18C Approach Glideslope Shelter in locations with minimal impacts from the proposed NEAT 1st Package construction within the NEAT program.

Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services

Charlotte Water facilities, which include wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), water treatment plants (WTP), and large regional and/or submersible Lift Stations, require industrial-grade electrical services. The Company shall provide industrial electrical maintenance and repair services for Charlotte Water’s facilities.