Cancelled CATS Enterprise Asset Management System

Replacement of current Charlotte Area Transit System(CATS) Asset Management System

CATS seeks to facilitate the successful implementation of a Enterprise Asset Management software solution and a Financial Management solution.


PSR 1340

Asset Management and Long-Term Planning Services

Storm Water Services is seeking a firm to coordinate with and assist Storm Water Services Staff to develop, support and implement asset management and long-term planning services for the City’s drainage system. Storm drainage systems convey rainwater to reduce flooding, protect property, and ensure public safety. Storm Water Services is responsible for smaller streams and manmade drainage systems draining less than one square.



Digital Asset Management System

The City is seeking Proposals to implement and support a Digital Asset Management System to be used by multiple City Departments. The System will, at a minimum, store and manage all creative assets – photos, videos, graphic design in addition to supporting brand marketing. The system will need to function similarly to a working library and will have the ability to share historical content, current content, and details on the intended use. This system should also allow other users within the department to easily find and distribute approved content.

Cancelled-Transit Asset Management

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) would like to continue to pursue the path of Transit Asset Management which was commenced in fiscal year 2019. In 2019 we completed our initial Phase I CATS System Transit Asset Management Plan. Charlotte Area Transit System seeks to continue its momentum by the execution of its current Asset Management Plan (AMP). To achieve this goal, CATS Asset Management Team is developing the agency’s processes and decision-making tools to better facilitate the management of assets throughout their lifecycles.

To ensure the successful implementation of the current AMP CATS requires the continued services of aconsultant that is knowledgeable and has experience with an Asset Management Plan, CATS operations, and maintenance departments while utilizing the Industry best practices for asset management.

Obtaining the services of an experienced firm in the implementation of an Asset Management program can better
align spending with the agency’s goals, objectives, and to obtain the greatest return on investment (ROI) with
limited funds.


PSR 851