Parking Management Services

Company will provide parking management and staffing services. Company shall continuously operate designated parking facilities and a parking hotline on a year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Designated parking facilities as of the date of execution of the Contract will include garages, lots, entrance and exit plazas, and all equipment, including entry and exit lane equipment, computerized parking control systems and an online booking system, as may be changed in the sole discretion of the City.

traffic control

To manage transportation for patrons attending events at the Spectrum Center, and to manage traffic flow to and around the venue for selected events

On Street Parking and Curb Lane Management Services

The City of Charlotte is seeking a company to provide turn-key operational management of the City’s on-street parking program, to include all customer service; parking enforcement and restrictions; issuance of residential parking permits; maintenance of meters and pay stations; and processing of citations, appeals, and collections.