Metrolina Regional Travel Demand Model – Technical Support

The City of Charlotte, serving as Model Custodian of the Metrolina Regional Travel Demand Model, is releasing this listing to engage a qualified firm for the purpose of technical support for the next update to the simplified tour-based Metrolina Regional Travel Demand Model (MRM). The work may involve tasks including, but not limited to:
• Technical assistance and guidance in developing household travel surveys designed to capture tour-based travel, with the potential to supplement with big data.
• Technical assistance and guidance with tour model estimation using travel survey data.
• Technical assistance and guidance with tour model calibration and validation.
• Technical assistance and guidance in developing a tour-based mode choice model (to include coordination with and endorsement by Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) and FTA.
• Additional model development guidance and assistance as needed.

STS ADA Certification Assessment

The RFP has been updated and is being re-advertised. New RFP# 269-2022-017.

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is seeking a Company to perform assessments of paratransit eligible applicants to use the CATS’ Services. The resources shall include but are not limited to management, personnel, supplies, and any other equipment needed to satisfy the requirements to conduct in-person ADA Services.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), CATS offers paratransit services to individuals who, because of a disability (physical, cognitive or visual), cannot access fixed routes buses. The ADA defines eligibility for complementary paratransit service in 49 CFR Section 37.123 of the federal regulations. CATS operates the paratransit system which is a pre-scheduled, shared-ride, origin to destination service.

The term “customer” shall refer to new CATS applicants and/or existing CATS clients. The term “CATS Transit System” shall refer to both CATS’ accessible fixed-route bus and CATS’ accessible light rail.

The Company shall be responsible for paratransit eligibility as it relates to an individual’s functional/cognitive ability to use CATS in accordance with the ADA. Disability alone does not determine paratransit eligibility; the decision is based on the customer’s functional ability to use the fixed-route bus and is not a medical decision.