Non-Profit Support Administrator Services

The City of Charlotte received federal stimulus funding under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State & Local Fiscal Recovery Fund program enacted in 2021.  The City has designated up to $3.5 million of ARPA funding to support the local non-profit community.  The City is seeking a small number of community partners to serve as Administrators who will serve as the primary representatives for the program and perform all required administrative duties necessary for program implementation, recipient identification, eligibility, and funds distribution related to the program.

Municipal Service Districts 1-5 Services

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 23, Chapter 160A of the North Carolina General Statutes, the City has defined and established five (5) Municipal Service Districts (“MSD”). These partnerships extend the City’s capacity to address strategic priorities and concerns of the community, including but not limited to:

  • Partnerships due to special legislation (such as tax allocations);
  • Partnerships that support the City Council’s five strategic Focus Areas for the City (Community Safety, Economic Development & Global Competitiveness, Environment, Housing & Neighborhood Development, and Transportation & Planning); and
  • Partnerships that contribute to community enrichment.

The City is seeking a Agency(ies) to provide Municipal Service District Services for each of the existing 5 MSDs. Companies may choose to propose for services on MSD 1-4 and/or MSD 5.

Internal Audit Support and Consulting Services

The City of Charlotte’s Internal Audit Department is seeking outside Consultants to provide various accounting, financial, risk advisory/management, or other consulting services.

The Internal Audit Department is responsible for providing reasonable assurance that the City has an operating and effective system of internal controls and for assisting members of management in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. The Internal Audit Department conducts performance audits, agreed-upon procedures engagements, , and investigations. Audits focus proactively on internal controls and process improvement.

Rollout Cart Maintenance & Repair Contract – CANCELLED

SWS has an estimated population of 95 or 96 gallon rollout containers in excess of 450,000 distributed throughout the City. Maintenance and repair of these assets are necessary for efficient and effective service delivery to the City’s curbside refuse and recycling collection services. Residents may request cart repair and/or replacement as serviced by the selected provider. The provider must maintain a minimum inventory of rollout carts (both refuse and recycling) as provided by the City’s cart manufacturer to meet service level expectations of the City. The provider works within the City’s asset management tools to maintain assets and work orders. The provider must inventory parts and service all rollout containers regardless of manufacturer.