Utility Locating and Exploration

Provide utility locating and exploration for both public and private utilities on Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CDIA) property. This contract will include utility locating in areas both inside and outside of the Security Identification Display Area (SIDA).

Fiscal Year 22 Water Main Rehabilitation

This project will clean and apply a polymer coating to the interior walls of old, but still structurally sound cast iron water mains.  Also included is the replacement of all valves, hydrants, and galvanized service lines associated with each project.  The work completed in this contract will improve water quality and flow in the distribution system; consists of an undetermined number of individual projects consisting of water infrastructure rehabilitation; and/or replacements, which will be assigned by the Project Engineer.

Queens Road West Water Pipe Replacement Project

Charlotte Water (CLTWater) is planning to replace water services on Queens Road West between East Boulevard and Selwyn Avenue and water pipes under Queens Road West from Wellesley Avenue to Selwyn Avenue and East Boulevard near Queens Road West. The Queens Water Main Replacement Project’s completed design and construction have not been scheduled yet.

Collective Series J Storm Drain Improvement Project

The Collective Storm Drainage Improvement Project (SDIP) Series J contains three separate projects which vary in size and each bring their unique differences. The work involves various storm drainage improvements including replacement of storm drainage pipes, culvert, masonry drainage structures, water line, sewer line, asphalt pavement, concrete driveways, concrete sidewalk and concrete curb. These improvements will realign storm drainage to reduce structure flooding and address failing infrastructure. Due to the complexity of these projects and their proximity to utility poles/structures/retaining walls, active shoring will be required.