The objective of this RFP is to solicit proposals for chemical grouting and pipe lining services.

The company shall provide chemical grouting and cured in place pipe lining at various public and private locations as needed within the City of Charlotte.  The services included are but not limited to:

    • Chemical grouting, and cured in place pipe lining
      • Provide professional consultant service for best practices
      • Provide recommendation on the installation process
      • Provide recommendation during the design and installation phase of the project
      • Provide professional representation during the design and installation of the project
    • Installation process
      • Shall be able to install chemical grouting, and cured in place pipe lining
      • Shall be able to remove and replace
        • Storm drainage structures
        • Curb & gutter
        • Asphalt
        • Incidental work to complete the chemical grouting, and cured in place pipe lining

McDowell Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant Dewatering, Disposal and Cleaning

The project consists of removing and properly disposing of all materials currently stored in Digester No. 5 and cleaning Digester No. 5 located at McDowell Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant in Huntersville, NC. Material stored in the digester may have been in place for up to 15 years and includes but is not limited to: grit, digested bio-solids, water and rags.

The Company shall transport and dispose of the materials removed from the digester to an appropriately permitted, licensed, EPA Subtitle D landfill facility of the Company’s choice. Material removal, transportation and disposal shall be performed in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal laws.  If the material is deemed allowable for land application and Company has permit to land apply, then the material may be removed and land applied.

Siphon Cleaning Service

Charlotte Water needs to establish an annual sanitary sewer siphon cleaning program to optimize system performance and prevent sanitary sewer overflows.  Many of the siphons are difficult to clean and may require specialty cleaning and inspection equipment.  The intent of this project is to clean each siphon in the collection system at least once every year.

Cleaning and post cleaning inspection services for various diameters, lengths and configurations of inverted siphons, including flow control, throughout the Charlotte Water service area. The diameters of siphon pipes to be cleaned and inspected range from 6-inch to 48-inch and include both single and multi-barrels.  Available siphon information, along with maps and as-builts, are found later in these specifications.  The Company shall verify the sizes and configurations of each siphon and report any discrepancies to the as-builts to Charlotte Water.  Cleaning schedules will vary, as required, and may include the need to perform services during nights, weekends, and/or City observed holidays.

This contract will service the Field Operations Division of Charlotte Water and will primarily focus on the annual cleaning and inspection of approximately fifty (50) inverted siphons throughout the Charlotte Water service area.


The Company will be required to clean and inspect all 50+ siphons within the contract time period and will be responsible for scheduling the work.  In addition, the Company will be required to clean and TV at least two (2) gravity lines directly upstream and two (2) gravity lines directly downstream of each siphon.  Diameter of these lines range from 8-inch to 54-inch.

Pipe Patch Services

A company shall provide all materials, equipment, labor, and incidentals required to perform pipe patching for the purpose of repairing joints and offset joints, crowns, and service laterals with an ambient cure, fiberglass liner impregnated with thermosetting epoxy for laterals and main lines within Charlotte Water’s service area.

Siphon Pipe Inspection and Cleaning Services – CANCELLED

Charlotte Water will be soliciting proposals from interested companies for siphon pipe inspection and cleaning services. Charlotte Water will be awarding a contract to perform planned siphon pipe inspections and cleaning on a re-occurring maintenance schedule with a standard frequency.

A Charlotte Water representative shall be present when the final cleaning runs are made to ensure cleanliness and will make the final decision on whether the cleaned siphon is acceptable or not. When available, construction drawings of the siphon(s) to be cleaned will be provided.