Bus Destination Sign Parts

CATS Bus Operations is in need of a contract to support the repair of bus destination sign parts.

PSR #980

Traffic Signal Performance Measures – CANCELLED

Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures shows real-time and a history of performance at signalized intersections. The various measures will evaluate the quality of progression of traffic along the corridor, and displays any unused green time that may be available from various movements. This information informs CDOT of vehicle and pedestrian detector malfunctions, measures vehicle delay and lets us know volumes, speeds and travel time of vehicles. The measures are used to optimize mobility and manage traffic signal timing and maintenance to reduce congestion, save fuel costs and improve safety. Currently, the City has a 200 intersection pilot studying how performance measures can assist us in proactively monitoring our traffic signals. This project would be to identify the software solution the City will use Citywide and install.

Preventive Maintenance (signals/cabinets)

The City operates and maintains 775 traffic signals throughout the City of Charlotte and ensures preventative maintenance is performed on all traffic signals every 12 to 18 months. The contracts will provide preventative maintenance of traffic signals for all  traffic signals in the City. Preventative maintenance work includes testing and confirming correct operation of all components and cleaning of pedestrian and traffic signal lenses.