Exterior Surface Cleaning

The scope of this contract shall be to provide exterior surface cleaning services to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport including the Main Terminal – Exterior (Upper and Lower levels), Shuttle Bus Area-Commercial Lane, Taxi-hold Lot, Cell Phone Lot, Hourly Deck, Daily Deck, Daily North Lot, Long-term Lots, Employee Lots, and Express Decks 1 and 2, Delivery Loading Dock, Airport roadways and the Airport Overlook area. The City will handle snow removal. The contractor will have no responsibility to remove snow as part of the contracted services.

Solid Waste Rollout Carts and Services

Solid Waste Services (SWS) provides residential waste collection service to over 220,000 single-family households, over 130,000 multi-family households and approximately 1,100 businesses located within the City of Charlotte. For single-family households, services include the weekly collection and disposal of garbage, bulky items, yard waste, and the delivery and repair of rollout containers. Recyclables are collected bi-weekly.

Refuse, recyclables, yard waste and bulky waste are collected from the curb on the same day of the week. The collection of non-recyclable, bulky items, white goods and tires is a scheduled service initiated by a resident request. Disabled residents may request and obtain approval for backyard garbage and recyclable collection services with a verification for need from a certified physician. To enable their solid waste disposal needs, City single-family residents are currently provided with one 95/96 gallon rollout container for refuse collection and receive one 95/96 gallon rollout container for recyclables collection. Small business garbage customers receive weekly service for to five (5) containers collected.

The City currently has two contracts for Refuse and Recycling carts. One contract is for the purchase of new carts and a separate contract is being used for the maintenance and service of the carts that are currently in service. The City would like to combine the purchase and service of recycling and refuse carts into one contract.