Storm Water Repair and Improvement FY2021-A

Work performed under this contract will consist of storm water infrastructure repair and improvement projects within the city limits of Charlotte, NC.  Work will involve mobilization, earthwork, drainage structures, storm drain pipe systems, channels, working over, under, near, and around existing private utilities asphalt paving, concrete flatwork, and landscaping and any associated work required by the Engineer.  Other work may include structural foundation protection, storm water pipe lining, storm water pipe joint and structure repair, water and sewer (relocations, installations and adjustments).  Storm Water maintenance work may be located entirely within or a combination of the street right-of-way, private, residential and commercial properties.

McAlpine SR2 and SR3 Stream Repairs

The purpose of the project is to repair approximately 700 linear feet of stream restoration between 2 different tributaries.  Failing structure will be replaced or repaired such that they function as originally intended.  Repairs will be performed with minimal disturbance to buffer vegetation and vegetation of appropriate size will be re-established after repairs are completed.  Repairs will include but not limited to, removing and resetting boulders and logs for in-stream structures and adding or repairing constructed riffles.