Davidson- Jordan Place Intersection

To improve the North Davidson/ Jordan Place intersection and enhance multimodal transportation choices for users. This project will improve accessibility for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular connections to the 25th street light rail station.

Automatic Gate Maintenance and Decorative Fencing

Selected service providers shall provide routine maintenance for automatic gates, and install new and replacement gates on an as-needed basis.  Providers may also provide decorative fencing for small projects as needed.

On-Call Fencing Installation and Repair Services (Re-Solicitation)

The City is requesting proposals for fencing installation and repair services needed to meet security requirements and ensure the protection of facilities and property while also providing safety in areas with limited or prohibited access.

Service provider must be required to provide all materials, labor, equipment, and supervision staff for fencing services to install, repair, and perform periodic maintenance on fences and gates on a time and materials basis.